2nd December 2021

Vestfrost VTS 258 Ultra Low Temperature Freezer review

Vestfrost VTS 258 review: Vestfrost are known for their superb freezers which are not only sold into the laboratory market, but also into […]
10th November 2021

Why is my heat sealer not working? Common heat-sealing problems and how to rectify them

Why is my heat sealer not working? It is a common question for many people who are sealing pouches or bags, particularly those […]
5th October 2021

Centrifuge training: the importance of centrifuge training for your laboratory staff

A centrifuge is a core piece of laboratory equipment, which can be found in laboratories across the UK and beyond. But how much […]
1st September 2021

ATEX certified refrigerators: what is ATEX certification and why do you need an ATEX certified refrigerator?

Laboratory refrigerators can be used to store all sorts of items. From biological samples to temperature sensitive vaccines, the possibilities are endless. Furthermore, […]
5th March 2021

Top 5 things to consider when choosing a centrifuge service provider

Keeping your centrifuges in tip-top condition is paramount, especially now when most labs are busier than ever. There is a myriad of different […]
5th June 2020

MSE Soniprep 150 Plus: the end of an era

MSE produced the popular Soniprep 150 ultrasonic disintegrator for over 30 years. The design was modified and updated several times during its lifetime […]
17th April 2020

How Henderson Biomedical is helping the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic

We are living in quite extraordinary times at the moment. Like most people, I cannot remember a time quite like it. Schools are […]
13th March 2020

Difference between medical and domestic refrigerators

Medical refrigerators, also known as ‘laboratory’ or ‘pharmacy’ refrigerators cost a lot more than a standard domestic refrigerator.  But how different are they […]
19th February 2020

A Green NHS. Minimising the environmental impact of our health service

The negative environmental impact that human beings are responsible for is rightly a hot topic of debate. Furthermore, discussions around the best way […]
2nd October 2019

ULT freezers for fish

Laboratory instruments, such as centrifuges and heat sealers can be used for a variety different applications. These applications are not always restricted to […]
3rd July 2019

What is temperature mapping and why is it needed?

This month, we take a closer look at temperature mapping. We will summarise what points to consider and how Henderson Biomedical can help. […]
1st March 2019

The benefits of Eupry temperature monitoring

There is a myriad of temperature monitoring solutions out there for your lab. It can be confusing to choose which one is right […]