1st February 2019

The impact of a no-deal Brexit on medical devices

As the 29th March 2019 draws closer, the possibility of the UK leaving the EU without a deal increasingly becomes a reality.  The […]
14th January 2019

Sterile Services and decontaminating at low temperatures

The medical instruments that Sterile Services decontaminate are improving all the time. New materials are being used and electronic elements being introduced in […]
6th September 2018

How safe are blood transfusions?

Around 2 million blood transfusions are carried out in the UK every year. The vast majority of these transfusions are carried out safely […]
1st August 2018

Centrifuge tubes: A useful guide

With a myriad of different laboratory tubes available in the market, it can be confusing. In this month’s blog, we take closer look […]
1st May 2018

Temperature monitoring: Monitor your lab fridge/freezer the easy way

Temperature monitoring. There are so many different types available. But which one is right for you? With many laboratories now being expected to […]
1st March 2018

Centrifuge service: The importance of servicing your centrifuge

A regular centrifuge service is important for many reasons. That’s why we recommend you should service your instrument at least once a year, […]
6th February 2018

Green chemistry: a 21st century revolution in science

Sustainability is more than just a simple buzz word. Sustainability is an integral part of our lives- from agriculture to the world of […]
8th January 2018

Disinfecting laboratory equipment

It is vitally important to ensure that laboratory equipment is properly disinfected. By properly disinfecting your medical devices, you minimise the risk of […]
19th December 2017

Centrifuge calibration: How often should I calibrate my centrifuge?

Centrifuge calibration- it’s what we have been doing for over 30 years. During this time, we have frequently been asked the same question: […]
6th December 2017

Is the NHS the envy of the world?

There are many people in the UK who are very proud to have a quality healthcare system that accessible for all regardless of […]
1st August 2017

Copper: the wonder material of the medical world

Minimising healthcare associated infections (HCAIs) is of paramount importance in any hospital. For this, hospital managers will try to promote good hand hygiene, […]
7th June 2017

How historic deadly diseases are making a comeback

It is hard to believe that in our modern Western world, diseases that we thought were preventable are now making a comeback. This […]