18th April 2017

The threat of cyber-attacks against you and your hospital

Cyber attacks: NHS hospitals under threat As the world becomes more and more paperless, so too does the NHS. There is currently a […]
24th March 2017

Advances in smart wound dressings

Wound dressings has developed dramatically over the years. From a simple needle and thread, to synthetic fibres that dissolve, the world of wound […]
7th November 2016

Robots: The future of our hospitals

A recent TV programme on Channel 4 called How to Build a Human focused on the development of Artificial Intelligence and showed how […]
3rd October 2016

A practical guide to attending Medica

Next month, over 130,000 people will descend on Düsseldorf, Germany to attend the largest health and laboratory related trade show in the world: […]
26th August 2016

Buying British made laboratory equipment

The 23rd June 2016 was a historic day for everyone in Britain. The result of the EU referendum meant that Britain was leaving […]
2nd August 2016

How prescribed drugs are affecting our lives for better and for worse

In 1997, English rock band, The Verve famously sang the words: ‘drugs don’t work, they just make you worse’.  In the world of […]
15th July 2016

How RFID technology is revolutionising our hospitals

One of the biggest problems that large hospitals across the UK face is being able to track mobile devices across their site. Unlike […]
4th July 2016

Testing methods for the quality of a heat sealed pouch

In Sterile Service Departments (SSDs), it is vital that heat sealed pouches are properly sealed to minimise the risk of Surgical Site Infections […]
16th June 2016

Blood produced in factories is closer than you think

It is the stuff of science fiction. Imagine never having to worry about low blood stocks and instead being able to manufacture red […]
1st June 2016

Wrapping surgical instruments in Sterile Services

Clinical Sterile Service Departments (CSSDs) often use a combination of pouches and wrapping depending on the type of surgical instrument they are protecting […]
4th May 2016

How secure are self-seal sterilisation bags?

Many Clinical Sterile Service Departments (CSSDs) use heat sealed pouches to protect surgical instruments such as scalpels, hemostats and forceps from contamination. These […]
1st April 2016

Consider the hidden costs of your service contract

Regularly servicing your laboratory equipment is crucial in not only prolonging the life of your instrument but also in protecting the user from […]