Beckman Coulter StatSpin

Beckman Coulter StatSpin Centrifuge Range


The StatSpin range centrifuges by Beckman Coulter are a range of small, non-refrigerated centrifuges popular with Doctors clinics and veterinary surgeries where blood is taken and spun down on the same site. There is a wide range of different StatSpins depending on the type of containers being centrifuged. If you are unsure which StatSpin centrifuge is for you, please contact our friendly team who would be more than happy to offer you impartial advice.

StatSpin Express 2

StatSpin Express 2 Centrifuge

The StatSpin Express 2 is a low-cost centrifuge designed for basic centrifugation of 4 x 5ml blood tubes. Like all StatSpin centrifuges, they are compact in size and simple to use. Users can select the two-minute cycle with gentle deceleration for consistent and rapid results.

StatSpin Express 3

StatSpin Express 3 Centrifuge

The StatSpin Express 3 can spin 8 tubes up to 10ml and is really easy to operate. There are 3 different settings the user can choose: 2, 3 or 5-minute cycle. The speed remains the same, so although it is not the most versatile centrifuge, it is certainly the easiest to operate.

StatSpin Express 4

StatSpin Express 4 Centrifuge

The StatSpin Express 4 is small, but powerful centrifuge which is easy to operate and requires practically no prior knowledge or specific training to use. It has three different timer settings: 3, 5 or 10 minutes. This means there is no fuss with regards to selecting different speeds, acceleration rates, brake rates and so on. Simply choose the time you want and press ‘start’.

This centrifuge can accommodate both 7ml and 10ml blood tubes as well as 1.5ml microtubes by using an adaptor.

StatSpin MP

StatSpin MP Centrifuge

The StatSpin MP is a compact, high-speed centrifuge for use in a wide range of different laboratory applications. Samples can be separated within 30 seconds and 2 minutes. The user can choose to spin both haematocrit capillaries as well as microtubes.

StatSpin CytoFuge 2

StatSpin CytoFuge 2 Centrifuge

Perfect for spinning cytology slides, the StatSpin Cytofuge 2 is the cost-effective cyto-centrifuge option. It costs a fraction of the price of a regular size cyto-centrifuge but does not sacrifice the quality or consistency of separation results.

StatSpin CytoFuge 12

StatSpin CytoFuge 12 Centrifuge

Small, versatile and easy to use, the StatSpin CytoFuge 12 is the ideal choice for the centrifuge user wishing to spin cyto slides. The CytoFuge 12 comes complete with a sealed rotor which minimises the risk of exposing the user to biohazards.

StatSpin VT

StatSpin VT Centrifuge

The StatSpin VT is a general purpose veterinary centrifuge designed to spin tubes or heamatocrit capillaries for two minutes or less.

StatSpin Vet Express

StatSpin Vet Express Centrifuge

This compact but powerful centrifuge can spin virtually any type of vacuum collection tube up to a capacity of 5ml.  This centrifuge can also spin the popular Monovette® syringe tubes. Easy to clean and whisper quiet, the StatSpin Vet Express will be a great addition to your veterinary surgery.

StatSpin CritSpin

StatSpin CritSpin Centrifuge

The CritSpin is a micro-haematocrit system used for vets wishing to spin haematocrit capillaries. The powerful motor will separate red blood cells and plasma in less than two minutes. The CritSpin comes complete with a haematocrit reader which makes it easy to take measurements. The user does not have to take the capillaries out, the whole rotor simple sits on the reader meaning the user doesn’t have to risk any accidental blood spillages.

StatSpin CytoVet

StatSpin CytoVet Centrifuge

The CytoVet is a low-cost cytocentrifuge for veterinary applications. Users can spin a small quantity of cyto slides on-site, instead of sending them to an external laboratory. Like all the StatSpin centrifuges, the unit is very compact meaning it can easily be picked up and taken into another room or even put inside a safety cabinet.