Hawo HM 3010 DC-V/DC-VI / 3020 DC-V

The validatable hm 3010 DC-V / hm 3020 DC-V / hm 3010 DC-VI rotary sealers with printer and hawo IntelligentScan are used for the automatic closing of sealable pouches and reels (Sterile Barrier Systems SBS) in hospitals (CSSD) and the medical industry. The sealing process is validatable in accordance with ISO 11607-2.

Main features:

  • Integrated transport system for heavier packaging goods
  • Validatable process in accordance with EN ISO 11607-2
  • Interface connections for the documentation software hs 3000 PC/PC-PT and the process documentation system ht 180 PT-USB
  • Connection to the most instrument management systems
  • hawo IntelligentScan for safe and easy device operation via barcode scanner
During the sealing process, the critical parameters sealing temperature, contact pressure and sealing speed (dwell) are automatically monitored. If one of the parameters deviates from preset values, the devices warn the user acoustically and stop the sealing process. The hm 3010 DC-V / hm 3020 DC-V / hm 3010 DC-VI rotary sealers possess various PC interfaces (RS232, USB and Ethernet) for process and batch documentation. The hawo rotary sealing devices guarantee efficient and reproducible packing, especially for large volumes of instruments.
The hm 3010 DC-V, hm 3020 DC-V and hm 3010 DC-VI have an integrated printer. They can print all normatively requested information directly onto the packaging during the sealing process (symbols according to EN 980). Thanks to the patented FontMatic technology the rotary sealers automatically recognise the width of the sealing material and adjusts the font size to the available space. Printing over the edges is a thing of the past.
HM 3010 DC-V
HM 3020 DC-V
Dimensions 710 x 250 x 240 mm 830 x 250 x 240 mm
Weight: approx. 21kg approx. 25kg