Hettich Robotic Centrifuge Range

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As laboratories become more automated in their processes, the demand for a centrifuge which can be operated without human interaction has grown. Hettich is the first centrifuge manufacturer to really embrace this recent change and has decided to launch a range of robotic centrifuges which can suit most applications. Hettich has always had an enviable reputation for producing high-quality centrifuges and their robotic range is no exception.

Mikro 220 Robotic

Hettich Mikro 220 Robotic Centrifuge

The Mikro 220 Robotic centrifuge is the perfect choice for spinning up to 24 tubes with a capacity of 1.5ml to 2ml. This non-refrigerated centrifuge is designed to be integrated with liquid handling robots and automated workstations. The Mikro 220 Robotic can spin tubes up to speeds of 13,000 rpm (18,561 xg). Two different rotors are available: a 24 place, swing-out microtube rotor or a 12 place arrangement for HPLC tubes.

Key features:

  • Compact and versatile
  • Efficient
  • Quiet

Rotina 380 / 380R / 380RC Robotic centrifuge

Hettich Rotina 380 Robotic Centrifuge

As well as manufacturing a standard benchtop type, Hettich also makes a robotic version of their popular Rotina 380 range. Capable of speeds of up to 5,100 rpm the Rotina range of robotic centrifuges has two swing out rotors available. The first is a standard 4 x 290ml swing out rotor and the other is a 2 place rotor designed for spinning microplates. Both rotors will reach over 4,000 xg. The R denotes ‘refrigerated’ whilst the RC denotes that it is a floor standing model.

Key features:

  • Large selection of rotors and adaptors
  • Medium size centrifuge
  • Versatile and easy to customize to match all requirements

Rotanta 460 Robotic

Rotanta 460 Robotic Centrifuge by Hettich

The Rotanta 460 Robotic is a floor standing, large capacity 3 litre centrifuge designed specifically for liquid handling robots in mind. With such a large capacity and a maximum speed of 6,200 rpm (6,446 xg), this particular robotic centrifuge can be used for a wide variety of applications. Like all the robotic centrifuges in the Hettich range, they will stop the rotor at the exact point that the robotic arm needs in order to lift out the bucket or carrier. Buckets and carriers can be custom made to match the exact profile of the grip arm.

Key features:

  • High throughput
  • Can be used with blood bags or with sample tubes