Hettich Universal 320 / 320R centrifuge

UNIVERSAL 320 / 320R

The UNIVERSAL 320 offers laboratories a true workflow benefit due to its vast capabilities as mid-sized, general purpose, tabletop centrifuge. Available with temperature control, the UNIVERSAL 320R refrigerated centrifuge offers a unique fast-cool function that will lower the unit to +4 °C in 10-15 minutes saving you valuable time spinning delicate samples.

Main features:

  • Rugged, versatile, indispensable benchtop
  • Multi-functional, general purpose centrifuge
  • Easy-Lift™
  • Safety-Lock™ Lid
  • Memory control system
  • All-steel construction

Popular configurations

165 (Conical)17 x 594,5003,328

(1) Centrifuge, (1) 90° Swing-out Rotor, (4) Buckets, (4) Adapters 5 mL conical,
(4) Bio-containment Lids

281.6 – 713 x 75/ 1005,0003,913
284 – 1016 x 75/ 1005,0003,913

(1) Centrifuge, (1) 90° Swing-out Rotor, (4) Buckets,
(4) Adapters 13 x 75/ 100 mm, (4) Adapters 16 x 75/ 100 mm

281.6 – 513 x 75/ 1004,5003,215
204 – 1016 x 75/ 1004,5003,215

(1) Centrifuge, (1) 90° Swing-out Rotor, (4) Buckets,
(4) Adapters 13 x 75/ 100 mm, (4) Adapters 16 x 75/ 100, (4) Bio-containment Lids

1212 (KOVA)17 x 1024,5003,102

(1) Centrifuge, (1) 90° Swing-out Rotor, (4) Buckets, (4) Adapters KOVA

1615 (Conical)17 x 1204,5003,305
450 (Conical)29 x 1154,5003,260

(1) Centrifuge, (1) 90° Swing-out Rotor, (4) Buckets, (4) Adapters 15 mL,
(4) Adapters 50 mL

CentrifugeUNIVERSAL 320
Dimensions345 x 393 x 520 mm   345 x 401 x 695 mm
Weight:approx. 31kgapprox. 53kg
Max Capacity4 x 100 mL4 x 100 mL
Max RPM15,00015,000
Max RCF21,38221,382
Fixed angle or swing-out rotor. What is the difference?

A swing out rotor means that the tubes are loaded into individual buckets which swing out at 90 degrees during centrifugation. This results in flat separation. However, the speed that the rotor can achieve is lower, as it is not so aerodynamic.

A fixed angle rotor, as the name suggests, means that the sample will be spun at a fixed angle. Tubes are usually loaded directly into the rotor as opposed to individual buckets. This results in an angular separation. Drag is reduced due to the aerodynamic nature of a fixed angle rotor, which means that a higher speed can be achieved. Higher speeds are needed for some sample types in order to achieve adequate separation.

I have no bench space in my laboratory. Can I purchase a rolling cabinet for this model?

Yes, Hettich do manufacture a rolling cabinet for this model. This means that the centrifuge sits on top of a bespoke cabinet with lockable castors. The cabinet also features draws, so you can store your accessories when they are not in use.

Does this centrifuge use a brushless motor?

All Hettich centrifuges are fitted with a powerful, carbon free (brushless) induction drive motor.

Does this centrifuge conform to IVD directive 98/79/EC?

Yes. This centrifuge conforms to the In-vitro Diagnostics (IvD) EU directive. This means that the products are guaranteed a standardised level of quality and safety.

Does the manufacturer comply with ISO 13485?

Yes. Hettich complies with ISO 13485. This standard relates to the design and manufacture of medical devices.

Can you perform a UKAS calibration on this centrifuge?

We can perform a UKAS calibration for speed, temperature and time. For more details, please consult our schedule.

Does the centrifuge have out-of-balance detection?

Yes. All Hettich centrifuges have an out-of-balance detection system built into the centrifuge.

Do you also supply the tubes and bottles?

We have stock of some, but not all tubes. Please contact us with more details of your requirements.

What is the warranty period?

All Hettich centrifuges come with a 2-year warranty as standard.

But what if I want a longer warranty?

We can arrange a longer warranty for a small fee.

Are these products CE marked?

Yes. All Hettich centrifuges are CE marked.

Can you autoclave the rotor, buckets and adaptors?

Yes. All Hettich accessories can be autoclaved.

Are spare parts readily available?

We stock thousands of centrifuge spare parts in our London warehouse. However, if we do not have the part in stock, we can source it from the manufacturer. Hettich guarantees that all spare parts will still be available for purchase 7 years from the date production has ceased.

What is the typical lead time of this centrifuge?

We hold stock of centrifuges at our London warehouse. If the centrifuge is in stock at the time of ordering, then we can deliver it to you by the next working day. If the centrifuge is not in stock, we will have to order the instrument from the manufacturer. In this case, delivery time is normally between 2 and 4 weeks.

Where is this centrifuge manufactured?

All Hettich centrifuges are made in Germany.

What happens if there is a power failure, or a fault with the centrifuge and my samples get stuck inside?

All Hettich centrifuges have an emergency lid lock release, which can be activated in the event of a lid-lock failure. Please contact our technical team should this happen.

How do I dispose of the centrifuge when it comes to the end of its life?

We can collect your centrifuge and recycle it responsibly, ensuring that any harmful substances are recovered in the process. A charge is sometimes applicable for this service, depending on the make and model. Please contact us for more details.

Do you offer training on this centrifuge?

Yes. Henderson Biomedical can offer training. Please contact us for more details.