Hygiene keyboards and mice

Keyboard and mice by Stericlin

Computer keyboards can be a breeding ground for bacteria and harmful microbes, especially when used by different people in the same department. In addition to this, keyboards can be incredibly difficult to disinfect, as germs hide between the gaps of the keys.

The same is true of computer mice which can be smeared with the germs of various lab users. Traditional keyboards and mice cannot be sterilised in an autoclave.

However, VP Stericlin have come up with a solution for hygienically critical areas such as Sterile Service Departments (SSDs), operating theatres and Intensive Care Units (ICUs). A flexible membrane which covers the keyboard can be taken off and put in a steriliser, whilst the mouse is designed in such a way that it can be placed wholly inside an autoclave for sterilisation.

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Thermal transfer film APX® FH+

Thermal transfer film for labels used in auoclaves

When printing labels for identifying pouches, a special ink is required. APX® FH+ is a high quality wax/resin ribbon which can be used to print on labels used in autoclaves. The thermal transfer film is specially designed to resist temperatures up to 150°C and is smudge and scratch resistant once printed on a label.

This thermal transfer film is fully compliant with the current range of Zebra printers and can be used with VP Stericlins own self-adhesive labels. The transfer film also complies with DIN EN 646 and DIN EN 648 (confirmed by the German research and testing institute ISEGA) and is food contact approved (1935/2004/EC).

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