MSE Safety Cabinets

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MSE is already known to be a leading manufacturer of centrifuges and ultrasonic disintegrators.  However, they have now expanded their product range to meet your laboratory’s air treatment needs.  Known as the ProAir™ range, these products have been manufactured to the highest level of quality and many can be customised to suit the requirements of the user.

Laminar Air Flow Cabinet

Stratus Safety Cabinet by MSE


Available in three different sizes, the Stratus is a horizontal laminar flow safety cabinet which ensures optimum protection of your samples against outside contamination and avoids any internal cross contamination within the chamber.  The Stratus complies with ISO 14644 offering ISO 5 protection meaning the filtered air blown inside the chamber contains less than 100 particles of 0.3µm per cubic foot.  The Stratus is a popular choice in the agro food and cosmetic industry, but its technology can be used for a wide variety of applications.

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Class II Biological Safety Cabinets



Fully customised to suit your needs, the Cumulus is a bespoke Class II safety cabinet designed to accommodate robotic equipment used in liquid handling or weighing applications.  The Cumulus can fit around any existing robotic equipment (up to 400kg) and its sturdy construction means that the unit does not move when the robotics are in motion.   In addition to this, air turbulences inside the chamber, which are generated when the robotics are in motion, are minimised by a powerful down flow and exhaust ventilation system.  This also creates a powerful air barrier to protect the user and samples.

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Incus Safety Cabinet by MSE


The Incus Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinet complies with EN 12469 and ensures optimum protection for user, samples and the environment.  Developed in conjunction with leading laboratory researchers and approved by the National Physical Laboratory, the Incus has several unique features, differentiating it from other Class II Safety Cabinets.  The Incus can be used for a variety of applications including sample analysis in hospitals and drug research and production in pharmaceutical laboratories.

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