MSE Ultrasonic Disintegrators

Ultrasonic Disintegrators


Henderson Biomedical is pleased to offer the only UK made ultrasonic disintegrator. Made by MSE, the Soniprep 150 Plus, is the digital replacement for the Soniprep 150 analogue, and offers users an interface, which is both intuitive and helpful. High quality manufacturing processes ensure that every ultrasonic disintegrator manufactured in the South London factory leaves, ready to meet the user’s highest expectations.


Soniprep 150 Plus

The Soniprep 150 Plus is a powerful ultrasonic disintegrator by MSE. Easy to operate and with a choice of 3 probes to sonicate volumes from as little as 0.1ml to 100ml, as well as continuous flow, the Soniprep 150 Plus is flexible enough for any laboratory.

A range of optional accessories are available including a wattage meter to measure how much power is being delivered to the probe and a process timer unit to alter the timings of sonication.

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