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NUVE NC 23B / 23S / 32S Benchtop Steam Sterilizers

NÜVE has enormous experience in the manufacturing of steam sterilizers. This current product range has been carefully designed to cover all applications in general medical practices, dentistry, facilities for personal hygiene, beauty care, veterinary practices and stand-by use in hospitals and clinics. Instruments conform to the requirements of the EN 13060 standard for B and S Class sterilization with additional technical advantages.

Key features:

  • Conforms to the requirements of EN 13060+A2 standard
  • 2 free programs and 1 drying program
  • Operating parameters can be tracked graphically against time

NUVE NC 40M / 90M Laboratory Steam Sterilizers

Especially developed for the steam sterilization of liquid and culture media, the NC 40M and NC 90M are the latest developments benefitting from NÜVE’s long experience in steam sterilization. A flexible temperature probe can be placed in a liquid container to ensure that the required sterilization time only starts when the fluids themselves are at the temperature stated in the protocol.

Key features:

  • Chamber volume: NC 40M: 40 liters, NC 90M: 90 liters
  • Especially developed for the steam sterilization of liquid and culture media
  • Two free programs for liquid and solid and a special program for melting

NUVE NC 100 Vertical Steam Sterilizer

NC 100 heavy duty steam sterilizer has advanced technology for the sterilization of textiles, wrapped or packed materials, glass and liquids. The instrument of choice for operating theatres, laboratories, dentistry, biology, veterinary and agricultural departments of universities, microbiology and quality control laboratories of industries such as food.

Key features:

  • Chamber volume: 100 liters
  • Sterilization temperature range: 105°C-136°C
  • Maintenance-free diaphragm-type powerful vacuum pump

NUVE NC 150/150D Horizontal Steam Sterilizers

NC 150/150D steam sterilizer is ideal for the medium size sterilization centers for the sterilization of packed or unpacked surgical and dental instruments, operation linen, glass, plastic, rubber and silicon materials.

Key features:

  • Chamber volume: NC 150: 170 liters / NC 150D: 150 liters
  • Sterilization temperatures: 121°C,125°C,125°C, 134°C, 136°C
  • Fractionated post-vacuum for efficient drying of the samples

NUVE NC 300/430/570/710 Horizontal Steam Sterilizers

Rugged workhorses, these large, reliable units with side loading are an ideal design for the steam sterilization of packed or unpacked surgical and dental instruments, operation linen, glass, plastic, rubber and silicon materials.

Key features:

  • Pneumatically controlled door opening with safety system
  • High capacity, low noise water ring vacuum pump for efficient vacuum
  • Innovative AIR-COOLING system for low water and energy consumption

NUVE EV 018 Vacuum Oven

Protection of heat labile samples during drying is assured by using EV 018 Vacuum Oven. The microprocessor-based N-Prime™ control system with PID temperature regulation and sheet heaters provide accurate application of the selected parameter values.

Key features:

  • Useful volume: 15 liters
  • Temperature range: 70°C / 200°C
  • Easy programming with one button, just turn and push

NUVE FN 055/120 Dry Heat Sterilizers / Ovens

With its advanced N-Prime™ microprocessor control system and PID temperature management, these FN units offer very precise, constant temperature. The dual displays show large, bright characters, visible from far across the laboratory.

Key features:

  • Air jacketed heating system for highly precise and constant temperatures
  • Stainless steel chamber which has high resistance to most of the chemicals
  • Adjustable outlet port for vapor exhaustion

NUVE FN 400/500 Economical Dry Heat Sterilizers / Ovens

Offering a low level alternative to the other FN models, this series can be stacked. It is available in a choice of aluminum lining (excellent when temperatures are going to be varied) or stainless steel (P models, the choice for maximum temperature stability). N-Prime™ control system ensures rapid attainment of the target temperature.

Key features:

  • Two different sizes: 44 and 120 liters
  • Temperature range: Ambient Temperature +70°C / 250°C
  • The door, pressing firmly and tightly on the chamber gasket, reduces temperature loss

NUVE KD 200/400 Ovens

KD series ovens are the instruments of choice for routine heating and drying. With their large capacity, they are an excellent investment for the capacity. The stainless steel interior of KD 200 and KD 400 are resistant to many chemicals.

Key features:

  • Two different sizes: 193 and 375 liters
  • Very homogeneous temperature distribution by forced air ventilation
  • High grade insulation for efficient heating and temperature stability