NUVE NC 300/430/570/710 Horizontal Steam Sterilizers

Rugged workhorses, these large, reliable units with side loading are an ideal design for the steam sterilization of packed or unpacked surgical and dental instruments, operation linen, glass, plastic, rubber and silicon materials.

Main features:

  • Pneumatically controlled door opening with safety system
  • Steam driven one-piece chamber gasket made of silicon
  • High capacity, low noise water ring vacuum pump for efficient vacuum
  • Pneumatic valves in the steam lines
  • Innovative AIR-COOLING system for low water and energy consumption
Reduced energy consumption is an important factor with an industrial grade instrument in constant use. The special vacuum pump and air-cooling system with no water requirements for cooling respond to this objective. The instruments exceed the requirements of multiple European Standards and Directives, as you would expect from NÜVE.
8 pre-set and 50 user-defined programs enable all applications to be started in an instant. Double door versions are practical for high throughput use. A large display (with second, smaller screen on double door units) shows all parameters and messages plus offers diagnostics for servicing. A built-in printer records the cycle and an optional data interface enables the operator to keep track of all conditions through NüveCloser™ software on PC.
NC 300 NC 430 NC 430D* NC 570 NC 570D* NC 710 NC 710D*
Chamber Capacity Liters 300 430 570 710
Capacity for STu (1 STU 300x600x300 mm) (WxDxH) 4 pcs 6 pcs 8 pcs 10 pcs
Sterilization Temperatures 121°C – 125°C – 134°C – 136°C
No Of Preset Programs 7 + 1 Liquid Program + 1 Drying
No Of Free Programs 50
Test Programs Vacuum Leakage ve Bowie&Dick
Minimum Vacuum Level 100 mbar
Control System Steamart ™ Programmable Microprocessor Control System
Display 800×480 pixels 7” Colourful Touch Screen
Chamber Material 316 L Stainless Steel
Jacket Material 316 L Stainless Steel
Steam Generator Material 316 L Stainless Steel
External Material 316 L Stainless Steel
Standard Accessories STU and STU carrier, 200 lt Water Tank
Power Supply 400 V 50/60 Hz, 3 phases+ N + G
Power Consumption 29 kW 38 kW 50 kW 62 kW
Chamber Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 635x722x655 635x1034x655 635x1064x655 635x1371x655 635x1401x655 635x1708x655 635x1738x655
External Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 1140x1290x1910 1140x1330x1910 1140x1410x1910 1140x1660x1910 1140x1740x1910 1140x2000x1910 1140x2080x1910
Packing Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 1560x1330x2200 1450x1400x2100 1450x1400x2100 1230x1820x2100 1230x1820x2100 2170x1300x2100 2170x1300x2100
Net / Packed Weight kg 860/990 980/1035 1140/1165 1120/1245 1280/1460 1260/1365 1420/1595