NUVE Water Baths

NUVE BM 30 Stirred Water Baths

Very accurate temperature control, N-Prime™ programmable microprocessor system and efficient insulation ensure that BM 30 stirred water bath offers excellent performance.

Key features:

  • Useful volume: 17 liters
  • Temperature range: Ambient temperature + 5°C / 99,9°C
  • Programmable alarm limits

NUVE NB 5/9/20 Unstirred Water Baths

Apparently simple, NB series of unstirred water baths is nevertheless controlled by N-Prime™ microprocessor system giving excellent temperature precision, assisted by the triple insulation, for this class of instrument. A timer enables set protocols to be observed.

Key features:

  • Three different useful volumes: 4, 7 and 15 liters
  • Temperature range: Ambient temperature + 5°C / 99,9°C
  • Easy programming with one button, just turn and push

NUVE BS 30 Stirred Refrigerated Water Bath

With its PID microprocessor system and pump, temperature precision is optimized, as well as assisting in fast temperature changes.

Key features:

  • 17 liters useful volume
  • Temperature range 0°C / 80°C
  • Powerful and reliable N-Smart™ microprocessor control system

NUVE ST 30 Shaking Water Bath

For repetitive and reproducible shaking, ST 30 offers precisely controlled conditions. N-Prime™ microprocessor control permits homogeneous, stable temperatures throughout the bath.

Key features:

  • Tank volume: 30 liters
  • Temperature range: Ambient temperature +5°C / 99,9°C
  • Shaking speed between 20 – 250 rpm