Priorclave 40L, 40L (vacuum)

These are the smallest in the Priorclave range of autoclaves and the ideal choice for laboratories seeking a bench-top steam steriliser that is extremely easy to install and simple to operate. They will appeal to laboratories with low volume requirements whilst allowing them to enjoy a level of settings and operating flexibility usually reserved for larger models.

Main features:

  • Multi-Program Memory
  • Process Printer
  • Media Warming keeps sterilised media ‘ready to pour’
  • Vacuum Assisted Cooling
  • Low water level sensor
The Priorclave C40 range of compact, front loading autoclaves are designed specifically for benchtop steam sterilising applications, a small footprint enabling even the smallest laboratory to own a highly efficient, feature-packed Priorclave.
Out of the box the Priorclave C40 autoclave is ready to use, requiring only plugging into a 240V, single-phase supply. Models in this versatile C40 range can be supplied for either manual or auto-water fill as well as a choice of standard or highly efficient vacuum operation, adding further to its appeal for laboratories where space is limited, infrequent sterilisations take places or a more demanding medium requires faster processing
Bench-top autoclaves by Priorclave