Priorclave top loading 100L, 100L (vacuum), 150L, 150L (vacuum)

The top loading autoclaves from Priorclave are a highly reliable mid-capacity range of steam sterilisers that will appeal to most laboratory managers looking to improve lab sterilising efficiencies. The combination of easy programming, a large chamber able to sterilise small and tall objects side-by-side in a single process and a stainless steel Load Support Plate improves and speeds loading and processing times.

Main features:

  • Forced Air Cooling
  • Vacuum assisted drying
  • Vacuum Assisted Cooling
  • Supplied with two (100L) or three (150L) stainless baskets
  • Automatic timed free-steaming
Sigma 1-14k centrifuge open lid
The Priorclave QCS range of top loading autoclaves, available with 100 and 150 litre chamber capacities, has amongst its many design features simple easy loading of the media. These versatile autoclaves offer fast, reliable sterilisation and have a chamber size that will appeal to most laboratories, it is versatile enough to sterilise small and tall objects side-by-side in a single process.
The standard QCS models have a compact footprint which makes this range of top loading autoclaves ideal for locations where space is at a premium and high yield is required. Depending on application, Priorclaves are available with a choice of heating options – electric or direct steam heating.
Sigma 1-14 angle rotor
1-14 1-14K
Dimensions 176 x 266 x 212 mm 236 x 515 x 273 mm
Weight: approx. 6kg approx. 19kg
Max Capacity 24 x 2 mL 24 x 2 mL
Max RPM 14,800 16,602
Max RCF 16,163 15,000
Refrigerated No Yes