ROTANTA 460 Robotic

The ROTANTA 460 Robotic models are refrigerated centrifuges withPC control and rotor positioning. They are ideal for use wherever sample processing can be automated. Especially in genetic and pharmaceutical research, these centrifuges can significantly contribute to rationalisation of routine tasks

Dimensions 684 x 554 x 697 mm
Weight: approx. 159kg
Max Capacity 4 x 250 ml
Max RPM 6,200
Max RCF 6,446
Refrigerated Yes

Does this section actually provide value to the customer?

Yes, but not with these questions. This is just to show the product page and ask for any feedback prior to adding individual product pages.

Can it replace my Statspin VT?

Yes! Just send us the purchase order.

Is this a centrifuge?

I believe the page has the word “centrifuge” about 15 times so yes, it is a centrifuge.

Can I get it for free?


Can I spin blood bags with this centrifuge?

Good luck with that!