Sigma 2-7 centrifuge


The Sigma 2-7 is equipped with a well organised, clear display at a perfect viewing angle and with large buttons. The intuitive Spin-control Basic control unit makes entry of operating parameters and programs simple. The centrifuge run time can be selected in seconds, and the LED run time indicator is readily visible at a distance

Main features:

  • High-performance small centrifuge
  • Two acceleration and braking curves
  • Low height for easy loading and unloading
  • Low temperature rise in continuous operation
  • Durable, easy-care stainless steel chamber
Sigma 2-7 centrifuge closed lid
The motorised lid lock, which closes automatically to eliminate extra effort, is a nice practical touch. The innovative electronics provide extremely high energy efficiency and low sensitivity to mains voltage fluctuations. Together with a powerful motor, this enables outstanding acceleration and braking times. With two sets of acceleration and braking profiles, the Sigma 2-7 is also suitable for centrifuging sensitive cells requiring gentle run-up and run-down. With these features, the Sigma 2-7 sets standards for easy operation, convenience and safety.
The compact Sigma 2-7 (just 37.8 cm wide) saves space in the laboratory and is pleasantly quiet. The low noise level of less than 53dB(A) at maximum speed with the swing-out rotor ensures a quiet work environment.
Dimensions  293 x 378 x 535 mm
Weight: approx. 23kg
Max Capacity 4 x 100 mL
Max RPM 4,000
Max RCF 2,540
Refrigerated No