Sigma 3-16L / 3-16KL centrifuge

3-16L / 3-16KL

The compact benchtop centrifuges Sigma 3-16L and the refrigerated version 3-16KL boast the features of classic all-rounders. Users and buyers appreciate these practically oriented models with their outstanding capacities and wide variety of uses. Along with high performance and reliability, these laboratory centrifuges impress with unmatched versatility. As well-balanced universal centrifuges with extensive rotor and accessory options, they are suitable for an extremely wide variety of tasks.

Main features:

  • Universal benchtop centrifuge
  • Speed range up to 15,300 rpm
  • User-friendly Spincontrol L controller
  • Compact, space-saving unit
  • Automatic rotor identification
Sigma 3-16KL centrifuge open lid
The Sigma 3-16L and the refrigerated version Sigma 3-16KL score with impressive features. They are easy to operate, pleasantly quiet, and have extraordinary capacity with a maximum of 4 x 400 ml. A broad portfolio of fixed-angle and swing-out rotors and an extensive range of accessories, including buckets and adapters, are available. The resulting compatibility with a large number of specimen tubes enables high versatility and allows them to be used for a very wide variety of tasks, including high-throughput applications. Classical deployment areas include hospitals, universities and industrial laboratories.
These units are the perfect choice for routine applications. The patented one-knob controller with illuminated function keys is highly practical and popular with users. Automatic lid opening can optionally be configured for easy end of run indication. After completion of centrifuging, the electromagnetic lid lock unlocks and the lid opens conveniently with the aid of a gas spring. The high-grade stainless steel chamber is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.
3-16L   3-16KL
Dimensions   355 x 460 x 600 mm    355 x 630 x 600 mm
Weight: approx. 48kg approx. 78kg
Max Capacity 4 x 400 mL 4 x 400 mL
Max RPM 15,300 15,300
Max RCF 21,475 21,984
Refrigerated No Yes