Sigma 4-16S / 4-16KS / 4-16KHS centrifuge

4-16S / 4-16KS / 4-16KHS

The Sigma 4-16 centrifuge series features outstanding versatility, performance and capacity. With maximum RCF up to 5,526 x g with a swing-out rotor or 25,155 x g with a fixed-angle rotor, they are the most versatile three-liter centrifuges in the industry.

Main features:

  • Universal benchtop centrifuge
  • User-friendly Spincontrol S controller
  • Extra large TFT display
  • 60 programs
  • Zero-maintenance induction motor
Sigma 4-16S centrifuge open lid
The Sigma 4-16 centrifuge series is designed for research tasks as well as routine procedures in laboratory operations. With their versatile rotor configurations, these models are suitable for research laboratories, hospitals, universities, cell culture applications, pharmaceutical laboratories, and applications in the biotechnology sector.
Along with excellent specifications, the series offers intuitive operation and advanced features. The patented one-knob Spincontrol S controller provides superior operating convenience, safety and versatility. Thanks to the intuitive user interface and the clearly organised menu structure, operating parameters can be entered and adjusted quickly. The acceleration and braking curves (30 each) facilitate optimisation of separation runs and results. Routine procedures can be stored with user-defined names and quickly retrieved from the integrated process library.
With automatic rotor identification, run time and speed monitoring, password-protected access to the controller and secure program storage, the centrifuges ensure uncompromising safety.
4-16S   4-16KS 4-16KHS
Dimensions 489 x 496 x 650 mm    489 x 496 x 650 mm    489 x 496 x 650 mm
Weight: approx. 82kg approx. 124kg approx. 124kg
Max Capacity 6 x 750 mL 6 x 750 mL 6 x 750 mL
Max RPM 13,500 15,000 15,000
Max RCF 21,917 25,155 25,155
Refrigerated No Yes Yes (Heated)