Sigma 6-16S / 6-16HS / 6-16KS / 6-16KHS centrifuge

6-16S / 6-16HS / 6-16KS / 6-16KHS

The Sigma 6-16S sets the standard for universal centrifuges. High speeds with fixed-angle rotors, gentle acceleration with swing-out rotors, and an extensive range of accessories and rotors enable a wide variety of application areas. Designed for continuous service, the Sigma 6-16S is as reliable and durable as a Swiss watch. With easy operation thanks to the Spincontrol S controller and motorised lock, simple gas-spring assisted lid opening, microcontroller logic and LED backlit buttons, this benchtop centrifuge scores high with users. With its high quality finishing, the popular and proven Sigma 6-16S has been delivering top-class results for many years.

Main features:

  • Universal laboratory centrifug
  • Stainless-steel centrifuge bowl
  • Magnetic rotor identification
  • Two motorised lid locks
  • Motorised lid lock; easy lid opening with gas spring assistanc
6-16S   6-16HS
6-16KS 6-16KHS
Dimensions 483 x 581 x 711 mm    483 x 581 x 711 mm    483 x 581 x 711 mm    483 x 581 x 711 mm
Weight: approx. 16kg approx. 16kg approx. 158kg approx. 158kg
Max Capacity 4 x 800 mL 4 x 800 mL 4 x 800 mL 4 x 800 mL
Max RPM 13,500 13,500 15,000 15,000
Refrigerated No No (Heated) Yes Yes (Heated)