Temperature monitoring

2nd October 2020

Comark temperature data logger Vs Eupry

A review of the Comark temperature data logger when compared to Eupry. Last month we compared the Eupry temperature monitoring system with OMEGA. […]
1st September 2020

OMEGA temperature and humidity data loggers vs Eupry

A review of the OMEGA temperature and humidity data loggers when compared to Eupry. Some time ago, we compared the Eupry’s temperature monitoring […]
20th August 2019

Tutela Genesis 3 vs Eupry temperature monitoring

With so many different temperature monitoring solutions available, it can sometimes be hard to know which one is right for you. In this […]
3rd July 2019

What is temperature mapping and why is it needed?

This month, we take a closer look at temperature mapping. We will summarise what points to consider and how Henderson Biomedical can help. […]
1st March 2019

The benefits of Eupry temperature monitoring

There is a myriad of temperature monitoring solutions out there for your lab. It can be confusing to choose which one is right […]
1st October 2018

How Eupry can save you money

Eupry is an easy-to-use, wireless temperature monitoring system for use in refrigerators, freezers, incubators and storage rooms to name a few. In fact, […]
4th June 2018

Spotlight On: Eupry temperature monitoring

An overview of Eupry Eupry is a Danish company specialising in WiFi temperature monitoring. Their system comprises of a wireless data logger, an […]
1st May 2018

Temperature monitoring: Monitor your lab fridge/freezer the easy way

Temperature monitoring. There are so many different types available. But which one is right for you? With many laboratories now being expected to […]