Sigma 1-14 / 1-14K centrifuge

1-14 / 1-14K

Small, quiet and powerful – the Sigma 1-14 series is the perfect choice in a wide variety of applications. The balance of performance,
ease of use and compact size makes the Sigma 1-14 and the refrigerated version Sigma 1-14K the most popular microcentrifuges in their class. These devices are often used in microbiology applications such as DNA, RNA and protein isolation, clinical chemistry, and university research laboratories.

Main features:

  • Compact microcentrifuge
  • Maximum capacity: 24 x 2 ml
  • Overspeed monitoring
  • Window in lid for external speed monitoring
  • Short acceleration and braking times
Sigma 1-14k centrifuge open lid
The powerful drive enables RCF up to 16,602 x g even with a full load (24 x 2 ml). Two pairs of acceleration and braking curves help users optimise their separation processes. That prevents unintentional stirring up of sensitive samples.
Even at maximum speed, the centrifuge is pleasantly quiet with an operating noise level less than 49 dB(A) with the Sigma 1-14K or 54 dB(A) with the air-cooled Sigma 1-14 (measured with fixed-angle rotor 12094).
The Sigma 1-14K refrigerated version has a high-performance, precisely adjustable cooling system with a temperature range from -10 °C to +40 °C. The pre-cooling function allows the centrifuge chamber and accessories to be precooled to a defined temperature. That assures optimal protection of samples against heating.
The popular Sigma 1-14 and Sigma 1-14K can be used with many different rotors for a wide variety of applications. They can hold 0.2 -2 ml microliter tubes, paediatric test tubes or spin column kits (minipreps). The six-position swing-out rotor is ideal for phase separation applications.
Sigma gives customers a choice of polypropylene and aluminium rotors. Due to their better thermal conductivity, aluminium rotors are recommended for use in refrigerated centrifuges, while polypropylene (PP) rotors have better chemical resistance and are less prone to corrosion. Sigma offers a wide range of rotors, and if desired can also produce custom accessories tailored to customer needs.
Sigma 1-14 angle rotor
1-14   1-14K
Dimensions 176 x 266 x 212 mm    236 x 515 x 273 mm
Weight: approx. 6kg approx. 19kg
Max Capacity 24 x 2 mL 24 x 2 mL
Max RPM 14,800 16,602
Max RCF 16,163 15,000
Refrigerated No Yes