Hawo HD 320 MS
The hd 320 MS is a bar heat sealer used for manually sealing paper/film pouches as well as other types bags suitable for heat sealing. Perfect for small scale use where no critical medical instruments are intended to be sealed.
Hawo HD 260 MS
A bar heat sealer which can be used for sealing thermoplastic film. These are the transparent bags found in doctors and dental practices as well as in tattoo and piercing studios.
Hawo HD 270 MS
A hand operated heat sealer is a low-cost option for basic sealing in small institutions like dental practices and tattoo studios. Compact and easy-to-use, this model features an automatic sealing time control which can help the user avoid inadequate
Hawo HD 310 WS
A permanently heated sealer which is ideal for use in GP practices and dentist surgeries. Simple in design and operation, it is ideal for users who do not need lots of features and connectivity.
Hawo HM 460 AS-V
The hm 460 AS-V is a bar heat sealer which can be validated to ISO 11607-2. This model can be used for sealing both pouches and tubes (SBS). Instead of the user pulling down a bar to operate the heat sealer, a foot pedal is used to activate the seali
Hawo HD 480 WSI-V ValiPak Touch
Hawo’s flagship bar heat sealer for the healthcare market, the hd 480 WSI-V ValiPak TOUCH can be fully validated according to EN ISO 11607-2. This model features an easy-to-use touch screen and is permanently heated for your convenience.
Hawo HD 510 WS
The hd 510 WS is the same as the hd 310 WS, except it is slightly wider. This means the user is able to seal wider pouches and reels.
Hawo HD 470 MS
An extra wide version of the hd 270 MS. This bar heat sealer can seal pouches and reels up to 450mm in width. Like with most Hawo heat sealers, it can be fitted with an optional tray
Hawo HM 660 AS-V
The hm 660 AS-V is a bar heat sealer that can be used for sealing both pouches and tubes (SBS). This model can be validated to ISO 11670-2 and is operated by using a foot pedal.
Hawo HD 380 WSI-V ValiPak
A compact bar heat sealer that can be validated in accordance with ISO 11607-2. Ideally suited for the dental market, this bar heat sealer can also be used in a variety of other clinical settings.

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