Vestfrost R-90
A compact refrigerator ideal for storing samples or medicines either under a table or placed on a benchtop. Fitted with both audible and visual alarms as well as a lockable door. You can be sure that your contents are safely stored.
Vestfrost AKS/G 397
Perfect for pharmacy and other medical/scientific applications. The AKS/G 397 comes with five wire shelves as standard but can have up to 21 shelves if required. This model is available with either a solid or glass door and has in-built alarms for yo
Vestfrost AKS/G 337
An upright refrigerator which can be fitted with either a solid or glass door depending on your requirements. This versatile refrigerator features four wire shelves as standard and will store your samples safely from between +2°C and +20°C. It also c
Labcold RLPR0517 ATEX certified
This model is an ATEX certified version of RLPR0517 spark-free refrigerator from Labcold. The internal chamber has been specially designed by removing any source of ignition. This gives the user peace-of-mind when storing volatile substances.
Labcold RLPR0517
A medium sized, under counter spark-free refrigerator with 3 adjustable shelves. Includes a lockable door, high/low temperature alert and open-door alarm. All backed with a 2 year parts and labour warranty.
Labcold RLPR0217 ATEX certified
An ATEX certified version of the Labcold RLPR0217 spark-free refrigerator. Perfect for storing potential volatile substances. This model also features a high/low audio alarm and lockable door for increased security.
Labcold RLPR0217
A compact spark-free refrigerator that is ideal for storing volatile substances at low temperatures. All sources of potential ignition have been removed from the chamber. For added security, a lock is also integrated into the design of this refrigera
Labcold Spark-free RLPR0514 / RLHD13043 / RLSP1510
Specifically designed for the storage of samples preserved in potentially flammable substances, such as formaldehyde and other such hazardous substances. Everything that could cause a source of ignition have been removed from the inside of the fridge
Labcold RLFR2004
Sometimes less is more. This basic, freestanding laboratory refrigerator is low on price and features but high on quality. 5 shelves are included along with a key lock with two keys. The temperature range is from +2°C to +10°C and this can be seen vi
Labcold Advanced Pharmacy Fridges
The Labcold Advanced ranges of refrigerators represent the highest levels of performance, constructional quality, robustness, and appearance available in the market place.
Labcold Basic Fridge Line RLPL04043 / RLFR1804
Lower cost production methods have been used, and certain convenience features omitted in order to offer the best price possible without significant sacrifices in the important areas of function and reliability.
Labcold RLPL04043
An entry level laboratory refrigerator designed without all the extra features seen on other higher specification models. Despite the lack of features, this basic, under bench laboratory refrigerator still has the superb build quality you would expec
Labcold RLPR1517 ATEX certified
An ATEX certified version of the popular Labcold RLPR1517 spark-free refrigerator. Comes with 6 adjustable shelves, a high/low temperature alarm and a 2-year parts and labour warranty. Ideal for storing potentially flammable substances.
Labcold RLPR1517
An upright, freestanding refrigerator designed to store volatile substances. The specially designed spark-free interior gives the user peace-of-mind when storing potentially explosive substances. This 439-litre model comes complete with 6 adjustable
Gram BioMidi
This range of laboratory incubators are equipped with self closing doors meaning users do not have to worry if they have accidentally left the door open ajar. As an extra precaution, this model is also fitted with an audible and visual alarm.

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