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Laboratory incubators and ovens. Focus on Memmert incubators, ovens and climate chambers

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Memmert laboratory incubators and ovens

This month, I am proud to announce a brand-new partnership with Memmert, the world’s leading manufacturer of laboratory incubators and ovens. Memmert also produce high quality climate chambers and water baths. In this month’s blog, I will take a closer look at their range and explain the type of products they supply.

Overview of Memmert

Memmert is a German manufacturer of laboratory incubators and ovens, as well as climate chambers. Located in Schwabach, south of Nuremburg, Memmert have been manufacturing laboratory incubators and ovens for decades. First established in 1947 by visionary founder Willi Memmert, the company has grown substantially since and now sells to 190 countries around the world.

Memmert define themselves as ‘experts in thermostatics’ and their range of products reflect this. Their products are high-quality, built to last and use the latest cutting-edge technology. Let’s take a closer look at their range:


Memmert ovens can be used for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to drying wood, stones, clay or PCBs. The ovens can also be used for thermal aging tests or burning/curing paint onto manufactured products. In fact, there are a wide range of reasons for using their ovens.

The ovens can come in both a single and dual display and both the interior and exterior are completely made out of stainless steel. Ovens are available in both forced and natural convection versions. Forced convection uses a standard fan, whilst natural doesn’t, which is needed if you are using items such as powders that could be blown around inside the chamber. Their ovens can reach a maximum temperature of 300°C and come in a range of sizes.

All Memmert ovens with a dual display are programmable and data can be exported to a USB.

Laboratory incubators

For users who require lower and better controlled temperatures, the Memmert range of laboratory incubators would be more suitable. These products are ideal for microbiological applications. The incubators can reach temperatures up to 80°C and come in a range of different size chambers. Like the ovens, they are available in both forced and natural convection variants. They can also come equipped with either a single or dual display.

Cooled and CO2 incubators are available too. The cooled incubators can use either standard compressor or Peltier technology depending on what the user wants. Peltier technology is a very efficient way of heating and cooling, which is good for users who want to reduce their energy consumption.

Memmert IN55 incubator

Accessories for your laboratory incubators and ovens

Memmert laboratory incubators and ovens can be fitted with a wide range of accessories including, but not limited to:

  • Glass door
  • Additional port holes inside the chamber
  • Internal lights
  • Power supply inside the chamber
  • HEPA filters
  • Stand with castors
  • Stacking kit
  • Shelves with perforated holes instead of a grill

If users have a very specific need, Memmert can help. Their m360 division specialise in customised products. They can offer a complete bespoke laboratory incubator or oven specifically designed around your unique requirements.

Climate chambers

Memmert also manufacture a range of climate chambers for users who want to mimic a controlled environment. Users can simulate specific environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and light. The climate chambers are available in a range of different sizes and temperature ranges. The Memmert climate chambers typically have a wider temperature range when compared to their incubators, which can span from sub-zero to high temperatures depending on the model.

Like with the laboratory incubators and ovens, the climate chambers can be fitted with a variety of different optional extras. Again, their m360 division can take care of any unusual or unique requirements.

Water baths

Memmert also manufacture a water bath which comes in six different sizes. With a maximum temperature range of 100°C and an extensive range of accessories available, the Memmert water baths are some of the most advanced water baths in the market. The water baths use the latest temperature control technology and are constructed from corrosion resistant and easy cleanable stainless steel.

Memmert laboratory incubators and ovens supplied by Henderson Biomedical

Henderson Biomedical is proud to announce that we are now an official UK supplier of Memmert products. Our technical team are also trained by Memmert in Germany, meaning we are able to provide you with a superior after-sales service for the life of your Memmert product. For more information on their products, or if you would like a quotation you can contact us on 020 8663 4610 or alternatively use our online form.

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