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It is important to know that your heat sealer is performing as it should be. A poor seal can lead to compromises in the sterility of the contents inside the heat sealed pouch. Instruments that are not properly sterile can lead to Surgical Site Infections (SSIs) which can harm the patient.

Fortunately, there are preventative steps that you can take to avoid SSIs. In addition to producing high quality heat sealers, Hawo have also come up with several different ways of checking the integrity of your heat sealed pouch. The Seal Check, Ink Test, and Ink Test PRO are three ways of checking the quality of a seal. Furthermore, users can combine one or more of the options below with a pouch destruction test which is carried out by one of our in-house, Hawo trained engineers.

Ink Test PRO

Hawo Ink Test PRO

The InkTest PRO is an innovative take on the standard ink test. It is used for the routine testing of all four sides of the pouch and fully complies with ISO 11607-1 and ASTM F1929. Using the ink test PRO is easy. Users simply place one of the silver sachets into a pouch and seal it as normal. Then the sachet is squeezed until it bursts and the blue ink is ejected. The ink then moves around inside the pouch and any flaws in the seal seam will become visible.

The ink test PRO is easy to use and much cleaner than conventional pipette ink tests. To see how the Ink Test PRO works, you can view this video.

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Ink Test

Ink test for sterile heat sealed pouches

This is the standard ink test using a pipette and bottle of ink. It complies with ISO 11607-1 and ASTM F1929 and allows users to clearly see any defects in the seal. The ink test can be used with all types of paper/film pouches including Tyvek®.
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Seal Check

SealCheck_med_mit Fehlern_121019

The Seal Check by Hawo consists of 250 sheets of special indicator paper. The paper is dark in colour and has a unique grain to it. This means that when sealed within a paper/film pouch, any creases or gaps in the seal are clearly visible. The Seal Check can be used for routinely checking the integrity of pouches produced and can be kept for your records.

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See-through pouches, reels and bags

See-through pouches and reels

See_through packaging paper and film

VP have a wide range of paper/film pouches for use in Clinical Sterile Service Departments (CSSDs) and general clean rooms. Sizes are available from 5.5cm wide to 42cm wide. Lengths can vary from 15cm to 61cm. Unlike any other manufacturer of sterile pouches, VP Stericlin uses 70 g/m² heavy duty paper. That’s 10 g/m² more than the nearest competing paper/film pouch meaning your VP Stericlin pouch is much less likely to tear during the sterilisation process. The thicker paper also provides extra protection against microbes without compromising the penetration of sterilisation steam or gases whilst in the autoclave. There are three indicators on every paper/film pouch or reel depending on the type of sterilisation: STEAM, EO, and FORM. The pouches and reels are available in both flat and gusseted types and all are fully compatible with VP Stericlin’s sterilisation proof fibre tip pens.

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See-through pouches and reels with non-woven and film

See_through packaging non-woven and film

This range of pouches and reels are made using a non-woven fleece bonded material instead of standard heavy duty paper. They are designed for use with heavier, bulky items like bowls and bed pans and come in a range of sizes from 27 x 36cm to 57 x 72cm. Again like the standard paper/film pouches, there are three indicators depending on the type of sterilisation process. They are marked STEAM, EO and FORM.

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See-through packaging Tyvek® and film


The VP Stericlin Tyvek®/film pouch is the only pouch which uses the strongest medical grade of Tyvek® available. This is Tyvek® Type 1073 B at 75 g/m² and it is a non-woven polyethylene fabric made by the world’s leading chemical company, DuPont. The superior characteristics of this material means that these pouches combine excellent sterilisation properties with outstanding strength.

Tyvek® is not suitable for steam sterilisation, but well suited for VH2O2 (plasma) sterilisation and irradiation. Tyvek® is also the first choice for users who wish to sterilise their instruments by gas as the material doesn’t absorb any toxic gases during sterilisation and therefore residual toxic gas levels are much lower than the limit set out by law.

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Safety Bags

Safety Bags by Stericlin

Available in three different sizes, the safety bags by VP Stericlin are the ideal solution for protecting pre-sterilised instruments from re-contamination. Simply place the sterilised device into the bag and seal it using the self-seal flap. The inside of the bag is bacteria free and exceeds the recommendations outlines by the German Society for Sterile Supply (Deutschen Gesellschaft für Sterilgutversorgung-DGSV). Once sealed, the item is protected from any germs, bacteria or dust.

The user of the device can then only open the bag by tearing the top off. This makes it impossible to open and re-seal the bag without other people knowing it has been tampered with. Key information such as disinfection type, date of packaging and signature can be recorded in a writable section of the bag.

The three different sizes available are: 197 x 300 mm, 247 x 390 mm and 297 x 500 mm.

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Wrapping materials crepe, non-woven and SMS

VP Stericlin manufacture a wide range of different wrapping used for the protection of larger surgical instruments against microbes. Users can choose between different sizes, colours and types of material (crepe, crepe sensitive, non woven and SMS). Wrapping is also available in different weights up to 60g.

All VP Stericlin wrapping are proven to be excellent Sterile Barrier Systems (SBS) and their prices are extremely competitive.

Crepe wrapping material

Although the crepe wrapping paper by VP Stericlin is most economical, the integrity of the SBS is not compromised in the slightest. Crepe wrapping is manufactured solely using medical grade cellulose fibres. This type of wrapping is ideal for the packaging of lighter instruments and can also be used as an inner liner.

VP Stericlin also manufacture crepe sensitive wrapping paper which is softer to touch. This minimises friction on the fingertips when wrapping.

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Non-woven wrapping material

Non woven sterilisation wrapping paper

Suitable for most sterile service applications, VP Stericlin’s non-woven wrapping material is available in 52g and 59g weight. The material offers even better sterile properties than crepe wrapping paper and can easily be draped.

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SMS wrapping material

SMS sterilisation wrapping paper

Available in different colours and weights, the SMS is the latest generation of wrapping material. A mixture of spunblown and meltblown fibres designed to give you the maximum level of protection. Users can choose to have wrapping with extra spunblown or meltbown fibres (SMMS and SSMMS). This wrapping material is extremely tear resistant making them perfect for heavier items. Two layers of SMS should not be combined together and instead one internal layer of crepe wrapping should be introduced to avoid ‘wet packs’.

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Interleaved wrapping material

Wrapping materials crepe, non-woven and SMS VP Stericlin also supply a combination of two different types of wrapping prepacked together. This reduces wrapping time significantly. The combinations available are as follows:

  • Non-woven 52g blue combined with non-woven green 52g
  • SSMMS 43g combined with non-woven green 57g
  • SMMS 60g combined with non-woven green 67g
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Non woven polypropylene double wrap

Two ply sterilisation wrapping paper

In addition to interleaved wrapping material, VP Stericlin also offer double wraps. Double wraps are similar to interleaved wrapping in that they are a combination of two types of wrapping material. However, the difference with double wraps is that the edges are welded together meaning they don’t come apart when wrapping.

There are various different combinations of weight, colour and material available. Please contact us for more information.

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Logo_steriCLINSterile packaging accessories

Adhesive Tapes

Stericlin Adhesive tapes

VP Stericlin offer a range of adhesive tapes designed to withstand the extreme environment inside an autoclave during sterilisation.

These adhesive tapes come in different colours depending on the type of sterilisation being carried out: beige for use with crepe wrapping paper or blue for use with non-woven or SMS wrapping material. They are also available in different widths: 19, 25, and 50mm. The adhesive tapes are available with our without indicator print and can be used in a tape dispenser, also supplied by VP Stericlin.

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Tray Accessories

Stericlin Tray accessories Trayliners are useful for protecting already wrapped instruments from being accidentally punctured or torn by sharp objects during transport. Available as a standard flat sheet or pre-cut form (with the corners removed), these trayliners by VP Stericlin are made from material which absorbs any residual humidity and condensation. They also form a flat surface on the tray which minimises the risk accidental piercing of the wrapping material.
Tray labels are also available in a variety of colours to help the user clearly identify the contents. Request A Quote

Dust Cover Packaging

Stericlin Dust cover packaging

A dust cover may be required for items that are stored for longer periods of time. Dust covers provide adequate protection during transport or long-term storage for sterilised instruments already packed in a Sterile Barrier System. The use of a dust cover can increase the shelf life of sterile instruments.

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Container Accessories

Stericlin Container accessories

VP Stericlin also produce a range of container accessories which can be used with a variety of different types of containers.

Absorbent inner layers are a great way of avoiding wet trays. The inner layer is placed in the base of the tray and they soak up any condensation that occurs during sterilisation.They are available in two different sizes: 25 x 30cm and 30 x 50cm.

Container labels are vital in identifying the contents of a tray. VP Stericlin produce container labels in different sizes for all current types of container systems including those manufactured by Aesculap, Wagner, Martin, Medicon and Geuder. VP Stericlin labels can be easily removed from the container and since they are self-adhesive, it means they can be easily attached to the relevant patient file when required.

Container seals are a reliable way of sealing a container with a self-adhesive lock loop which ensures the container has not been tampered with.

Container filters are single use, come in a variety of different sizes and can be used in a range of different containers.

The complete range of VP Stericlin container accessories is vast. Please contact our team for more details on the options available.

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Batch Monitoring Systems – BMS 1200 Batch Monitoring System

Stericlin Batch monitoring system

The Batch Monitoring System (BMS) by VP Stericlin is an easy way to check the efficiency of your autoclave. Simply place an indicator strip inside the plastic screw-cap, which is in turn screwed into the BMS. The user then affixes the BMS lid and hooks it onto a basket or drawer inside the chamber of an autoclave filled with instruments for sterilising.

If the indicator strip has turned completely pink, the sterilisation process has been successful and the instruments can move onto the next stage of the process.

The VP Stericlin BMS complies fully with EN 867-5 5.3 –

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Adhesive labels for documentation systems and other indicator labels

Stericlin Adhesive labels for documentation systems, indicator labels (1)

VP Stericlin can provide a wide range of different types of self-adhesive indicator labels. The labels are all fully compatible with Zebra printers and other popular thermo transfer printing systems. The labels come in a wide range of different sizes and can be used for the different sterilisation types: Steam, EO, Form, plasma and irradiation.

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Fibre-tip pens and removable post-it notes

Stericlin Fibre-tip pens, Removable post-it notes

Special sterilisation proof pens are available in black, blue or red with a line width of approximately 0.6mm. The pens can be used on the film side of a pouch, on wrapping of all types of material, adhesive tapes and labels.

There are also removable ‘post-it’ notes for marking metal and plastic containers after sterilisation has taken place. The post-it note can be removed without leaving any residue.

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Instrument bags

Stericlin Instrument bags

To protect your instruments from damage, VP Sterilcin can supply a special instrument bag to stop your items such as scalpels, scissors and other delicate surgical equipment from hitting against each other during sterilisation.

The instrument bag is divided up into sections which allows you to arrange your items neatly so they are easy to find at the end of sterilisation.

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Bowie & Dick test systems

It is important to ensure that your autoclave is functioning as it should do. A faulty autoclave can have dramatic consequences because the sterility of the instruments inside will be completely compromised.

The range of Bowie & Dick tests by VP Stericlin offers the user peace-of-mind as it accurately tests the functionality of the autoclave. Daily Bowie & Dick checks are vitally important, especially for accredited clean rooms which have to comply with certain quality standards.

Bowie & Dick single use test pack


The VP Stericlin single use test pack is the most common type of Bowie & Dick test in the market. Each single use test pack can be placed in the autoclave and taken through a cycle at temperatures of up to 134°C for approximately 3 minutes.

Once the sterilisation process has finished, the inner sheet should turn completely pink, thus indicating that sterilisation have been successful. The inner sheet will not change colour again over time and so therefore can be kept on record and presented to an external auditor. The indicator is also free from any heavy metals meaning that it is kind to the environment.

VP Stericlin are one of the few manufacturers who have possession of a test steriliser. This means they are able to validate their Bowie and Dick single use test pack and ensure conformance to ISO standard 11140-4. Furthermore, the VP Stericlin Bowie & Dick single use test pack is one of the few in the marketplace which possesses a British Standard Kitemark, offering the user a guarantee with regards to the performance of this product.

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Bowie & Dick Helix Test


A very cost effective alternative to the Bowie & Dick single use test pack is the Bowie & Dick Helix Test by VP Stericlin. VP Stericlin are one of the few manufacturers who produce such a product.

The Bowie & Dick Helix Test comprises of a re-usable metal box which contains the innovative helix system, 250 indicator strips and 2 plastic sealing caps. Special heat resistant gloves are also provided to prevent users from burning themselves when taking the Helix Test out of the steriliser.

Using the Bowie & Dick Helix Test is easy. Simply fix the indicator strip into the plastic cap and screw it into the metal box. Ensure the plastic cap is screwed on tightly and then place the whole Bowie & Dick Helix Test into the autoclave. Steam will penetrate inside and turn the indicator strip from blue to pink.

There is a significant cost and space advantage by adopting this sort of test as the Bowie & Dick Helix Test is re-usable up to 250 times, unlike the single use test packs. Each Helix Test works out significantly less expensive than using the equivalent single use test packs. Furthermore, the small indicator strips can be placed inside a special self adhesive A4 sheet with space to place the users signature and date.

The Bowie & Dick Helix test by VP Sterclin fully conforms with the requirements of ISO11140-4 and is free from any heavy metals.

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Test Bowie & Dick test system DIN A4 and DIN A5


The Bowie & Dick test system DIN A4 and DIN A5 by VP Stericlin are intended for users who wish to have a larger test sheet for their records. The test system comprises of three component parts: the test sheet (either in A4 or A5 size), the test pack and the stainless steel test frame.

The user will place the test sheet and test pack inside the metal frame. The frame is then squeezed together to hold everything in place before being placed inside the steriliser. The Bowie & Dick test sheet DIN A4 and DIN A5 fully complies with the requirements outlined in ISO standard 11140-3. This can be proven by VP Stericlin as they are one of the few manufacturers who have a test steriliser which can validate their products to certain standards.

The test pack is made from special filter paper which can be re-used up to 15 times. The metal frame can be re-used hundreds of times before it needs replacing. Like all of VP Sterclin’s products, the Bowie & Dick test system DIN A4 and DIN A5 is free from heavy metals and harmful substances.

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