3rd February 2021
Hettich Rotofix 32A centrifuge

Hettich Rotofix 32A centrifuge review

It has been some time since I last did a centrifuge product review in this blog, so it is high time that we […]
3rd January 2021
Used centrifuge

Five questions to ask when buying a used centrifuge

Sometimes buying a new centrifuge is not an option. Budget constraints can mean that a new device is just not viable. Indeed, if […]
1st December 2020
co2 data logger

CO2 data loggers by Eupry: A first look

Hot off the press, Eupry have just announced this month a CO2 data logger which will be added to their range in January […]
13th November 2020
vaccine fridge

Guide to choosing the right vaccine fridge/freezer

Earlier this week, we learnt that a COVID-19 vaccine had been developed by Pfizer and BioNTech. Preliminary tests show that it can prevent […]
3rd November 2020
Class 2 safety cabinets

Class 2 safety cabinets- A review of the Solis range by Noroit

In recent months, we have seen the need for Class 2 safety cabinets increase dramatically. This has been due to an exponential increase […]
2nd October 2020
Comark temperature data logger

Comark temperature data logger Vs Eupry

A review of the Comark temperature data logger when compared to Eupry. Last month we compared the Eupry temperature monitoring system with OMEGA. […]
1st September 2020
Omega humidity data logger

OMEGA temperature and humidity data loggers vs Eupry

A review of the OMEGA temperature and humidity data loggers when compared to Eupry. Some time ago, we compared the Eupry’s temperature monitoring […]
1st August 2020
Heat sealer calibration

Heat sealer calibration: an overview to calibrating your heat sealer

Heat sealer calibration is often an important element in Sterile Service Departments (SSDs). Users will want to know if their heat sealer is […]
1st July 2020
Branson Sonifier

Branson Sonifier review

Last month, we looked back at the recently discontinued Soniprep 150 Plus ultrasonic disintegrator and evaluated its possible replacement, the Branson SFX Sonifier. […]
5th June 2020
MSE Soniprep 150 Plus

MSE Soniprep 150 Plus: the end of an era

MSE produced the popular Soniprep 150 ultrasonic disintegrator for over 30 years. The design was modified and updated several times during its lifetime […]
12th May 2020

Hawo pouch making machine review

In this month’s blog, we take a closer look at Hawo’s hm 8000 AS/AS-V SealCut pouch making machine. Typically, this device is used […]
17th April 2020
Coronavirus centrifuges

How Henderson Biomedical is helping the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic

We are living in quite extraordinary times at the moment. Like most people, I cannot remember a time quite like it. Schools are […]