Company History

Our Story

For nearly 31 years, Henderson Biomedical has been servicing, repairing and calibrating laboratory equipment across the UK.

Mark Henderson started Henderson Biomedical in 1987 with the intention of providing a reliable, low-cost service to the NHS for their laboratory equipment. At the time, hospitals were contacting the manufacturer of each piece of equipment in their laboratory to request a service or repair. As you can imagine, this is both an expensive and inefficient system.

We were pioneers in introducing the now normal practice of employing one service company take care of all makes of laboratory equipment under a single Service Maintenance Agreement. This greatly reduced costs, administration and subsequently, equipment down-time. Simultaneously, we also introduced a standard price structure based simply on the complexity and size of the equipment to be placed on a service contract, whether 20 miles away or 200 miles away.

This innovative pricing structure helped Henderson Biomedical expand rapidly and within 10 years, the company grew from offering service contracts within the London area to providing service to customers across the UK.  Our customer base also expanded from NHS hospitals to include universities and as well as industry.

During the late 1990s, Henderson Biomedical expanded rapidly, through the purchase of Clandon centrifuges and then Wifug, manufactured by Eltex, which were used in some of Amercare’s enclosed systems.

Following this rapid expansion, Henderson Biomedical pursued, and was awarded, ISO 9000 status in 1999, making us one of the first independent service companies to attain this status. The accreditation allowed us to begin servicing equipment in accredited laboratories, broadening our horizons further.

However, our greatest expansion came in 2004, when Mark Henderson purchased the manufacturing rights of one of the world’s leading centrifuge manufacturers, MSE, from Sanyo of Japan. This move complimented Henderson Biomedical’s services and also brought a well known UK company back into British ownership.  Due to the increased requirement for space, both companies relocated from their original base in Beckenham, Kent to one building in Lower Sydenham, South-East London. This unique set-up allows Henderson Biomedical unrestricted and immediate access to spares and support for all MSE centrifuges, the UK’s most popular brand of centrifuge.

In 2012, Henderson Biomedical became an approved SAFE Contractor which recognised our high standards of health and safety in the workplace.  Then, in 2015, we attained ISO 17025 accreditation, meaning that we were able to offer UKAS calibrations on a range of different types of laboratory equipment.

It was during the year 2015 that I took over the position of Managing Director. Moving forward, Henderson Biomedical will continue to offer unrivalled service and sales support for a variety of laboratory equipment.

Alex Henderson

Managing Director