Frequently Asked Questions

What type of equipment can you repair?

Henderson Biomedical can repair a range of laboratory equipment including centrifuges, heat sealers and laboratory fridges, freezer and incubators. Our engineers have received factory training from manufacturers such as MSE, Hawo and Vestfrost. For a full list of the equipment we can repair, please visit our Repair Laboratory Equipment page.

Do you only supply and repair equipment?

No. We also sell some consumables such as tubes and Sterile Barrier Systems from VP Stericlin.

How can Henderson Biomedical save my department money?

Firstly, all customers who choose one of our Service Maintenance Agreements will benefit from a 20% discount on MSE centrifuge spare parts. This is particularly useful for departments with a lot of MSE equipment.

Secondly, we can provide excellent prices on a range of new equipment for your lab. We have either close links with manufacturers such as MSE, Hawo, Vestfrost, Priorclave amongst others. We get very good discounts from these manufacturers and we this onto our customers.

For customers who do not have the budget for new equipment, we can also supply a range of used equipment, all of which come with a 3 month warranty. You can even avoid the capital expenditure altogether and hire a piece of equipment from us.

How can you help me achieve ISO 15189?

Here at Henderson Biomedical Ltd, we can make it easy for you to comply with the new ISO 15189 requirements. Here are just a few examples of how we are helping our customers to comply:

  • We are an ISO 9000 and ISO 17025 accredited company (Section 4.13.a “Supplier Selection and Performance ” of ISO 15189)
  • We have a digital library of ALL our service reports, customers’ equipment calibration certificates and the calibration certificates for our test tools. (Section 4.13.i “Instrument Maintenance Records” of ISO 15189)
  • We supply risk assessments and method statements and use only UKAS calibrated test equipment. (Section “Equipment Calibration” of ISO 15189). Our database tracks all work on your equipment and its history is available on request, including service reports, calibration certificates and a comprehensive list of all faults reported and how they were resolved. (Section “Equipment Calibration”of ISO 15189)

I’m trying to calculate the RCF. Is there any way you can help me?

We have an online calculator that can help you calculate the RCF of your centrifuge. Visit or RCF Calculator page for more information.