Hawo HM 5000 DC-VI
The UDI-ready rotary sealing system hm 5000 DC-VI PrintPak med has been developed for the special requirements of the medical and pharmaceutical industry.
Hawo HM 850 DC-V
A microprocessor controlled rotary heat sealer with an in-built printer suitable for most sealing applications. The sealing process of the hm 850 DC-V can be validated to ISO 11607-2 and the ISO/TS 16775.
Hawo HD 680 DEI-V ValiPak PRO
A validatable rotary heat sealer ideally suited for use in clinics, doctor’s surgeries and dental practices. Like all Hawo heat sealers, this model is easy-to-use and supremely reliable, giving you years of trouble-free service.
Hawo HM 880 DC-V
Popular rotary heat sealer with integrated printer that can be validated in accordance with ISO 11607-2. Suitable for sealing both the pouches and reels that are commonly used in Sterile Service Departments (SSDs).
Hawo HM 950 DC-V/DC-VI
Hawo’s flagship rotary heat sealer has a wide range of in-built functions and features. Navigation is made simple thanks to its full colour touch screen. This model is available in a range of different colours.
Hawo HD 650 D/DE/DC EcoPak
The hd 650 D/DE/DC EcoPak forms part of Hawo’s ‘Premium Economy Class’ of rotary heat sealers. Ideal for users who simply want to seal pouches and do not require any other functionality like printing or conformity to any standard like ISO 11607-2.
Hawo HM 780 DC-V
Hawo’s hm 780 DC-V is a rotary heat sealer which can seal a variety of pouches and reels in accordance with ISO 11607-2 and ISO/TS 16775. Available in stainless-steel or gloss white, this heat sealer meets the needs of most healthcare users.
Hawo HM 780 DC
Ideal for users who do not require validation to ISO 11607-2. The hm 780 DC shares the same features and functionality as the hm 780 DC-V heat sealer, except it does not conform to this ISO standard.
Hawo HM 890 DC-V
Similar to the Hawo hm 880 DC-V with all the same features and functionality. The only difference is that this model includes Hawo’s in-built DataMatic feature. This allows the user to store data onto a USB stick for further data processing.
Hawo HPL 500 D
A rotary heat sealer designed for users who want to seal thermoplastic polymer films. This heat sealer is perfect for plastic heat sealing of medical products, implants, medicines and more.
Hawo HM 4000 DC-VI
The hm 4000 DC-VI is a high specification rotary heat sealer designed to produce GMP-compliant packaging. It is fully validatable to ISO 11607-2 and features a full colour touch screen similar to the hm 950 DC-V NanoPak.
Hawo HPL 500 D-V
The hpl 500 D-V is the same as Hawo’s hpl 500 D heat sealer, except that users can validate the sealing process in accordance with ISO 11607-2. Ideally suited for heat sealing plastic to plastic.

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