Hawo HPL 500 D

Hawo HPL 500 D/D-V

Packaging with the aid of the hpl 500 D / D-V possesses an optimum protection to the packed goods during transport and storage and satisfies the highest quality and safety standards. (hpl 500 D-V: validatable process in accordance with en iso 11607-2)

Main features:

  • High welding capacity due to rotary operation mode
  • Device is automatically switched off if the welding temperature deviates beyond the tolerance
  • Constant contact pressure, even with different film thicknesses for constant and reproducible results
  • Any variation of film length, width and gusseted pouches and reels
  • Validatable process in accordance with ISO 11607-2
The process parameters temperature and sealing speed are controlled and monitored directly by the hpl 500 D-V sealing device. Deviant process parameters are also indicated directly by the device (validatable process according to en iso 11607-2:2006). thanks to the additional rs 232 interface for the connection to external documentation systems (e. g. hawo ht 180 pt-usB), the hpl 500 D-V is ideal for medical packaging with thermoplastic fi lm (e. g. header bags; inappropriate for packaging according to en iso 11607-1:2009, en 868-4:2009 and en 868-5:2009).

Laboratory equipment maintenance, repair, calibration and sales.

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