Hawo HM 460 AS-V

Hawo HM 460 AS-V / 660 AS-V

The validatable hm 460 AS-V and hm 660 AS-V impulse sealing devices are used for sealing sealable pouches and tubes (SPS). The footswitch-operated and magnetic sealing system makes them ideal for constant use (for example in hospitals and the medical industry). The intuitive control unit on the sealing devices makes menu navigation and data entry especially easy. Alternatively, the devices can also be programmed very easily using a barcode scanner (hawo IntelligentScan).

Main features:

  • Validatable process according to ISO 11607-2
  • No heat-up time and no energy consumption when not in use
  • Interface for process documentation software ProDoc
  • Optional tray
  • Label printer ValiPrint connectable
The safety of doctor and patient is at the forefront of all considerations. Primary objective of packing critical medical devices (instruments which penetrate the skin or mucous membrane and thus come into contact with blood, internal tissues or organs, including wounds) in medical and dental practices and clinics is the maintenance of sterility until the point of use. The international standards ISO 11607-2 and ANSI/AAMI/ ISO 11607-2 therefore explicitly call for validated processes for packing medical devices.


HM 460/660 AS-V


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