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Hawo HD 320 MS

The hd 320 MS is a bar heat sealer used for manually sealing paper/film pouches as well as other types bags suitable for heat sealing. Perfect for small scale use where no critical medical instruments are intended to be sealed.

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The hd 320 MS, hd 310 WS and hd 510 WS impulse sealers are used to manually seal pouches and reels in a range of different sizes. The hd 310 WS is a permanently heated bar sealer, ideal for constant use. The 3 heat sealers in this range are equipped with an audible and visual alarm which indicates the optimum time when the user should stop applying pressure to the pouch. This alarm can be adjusted to different a number of seconds depending on the type of pouch used.

Quickly graspable functions and thought through solutions make perfect operation possible. Due to the patented Hawoflex sealing technology of the hd 680 DE-V/DEI-V the devices conform to every material, even HDPE (Tyvek®). In addition, the devices can be fastened to the wall with a special mounting to save space.

Work processes in the preparation of instruments should be as simple and comfortable as possible. The hd 310 WS und hd 320 MS are therefore sloped towards the user, as such, the work process becomes easier and a tray is not necessary. The generous handle is ergonomically angled and guarantees an even contact pressure and thereby the maximum sealing safety as well as reproducible and constant sealing results.

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