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Labcold is a UK manufacturer laboratory freezers based near Basingstoke. Since Labcold hold a significant amount of stock in their UK warehouse, most of their products are available with short lead times and at very competitive prices. The quality of Labcold products is high, as can be expected from a company with over 80 years experience in field of refrigeration equipment manufacture.

-40°C freezers




The LULT2040 -40ºC freezer is designed to store samples at low temperatures with precise temperature control. A number of features such as a door lock, audible and visual alarms are fitted as standard but other features can be added upon request of the user. Labcold offer a reassuring 5 year warranty on this model which comprises of a 3 year parts and labour with maintenance visits with the option to extend it for a further 2 years on parts only.

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This -40°C vertical freezer by Labcold is ideal for the storage of precious biological samples in a controlled environment. Its sturdy construction is well suited for the demanding use within hospital laboratories and research institutes. Each shelf is able to accommodate up to a 36kg load meaning this freezer is ideal for users who need to store large amounts of sample.

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-45°C freezers


237L RLHE0845

314L RLHE1145

375L RLHE1345

The range of -45ºC laboratory freezers are generally used specific materials that need to be frozen at a slightly lower temperature. This range of Labcold freezers feature digital temperature controls, lockable doors and operator controlled defrost as standard.

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Spark-free freezers

Sparkfree freezer

135L RLVF0414

215L RLCF0720

375L RLVF14201

447L RLCF1520

607L RLCF2120

For users who wish to store flammable or potentially explosive materials in their freezer should consider the Labcold range of spark-free freezers. In this range, all electrical and mechanical components that could potentially cause ignition have been removed. This gives the user peace-of-mind when storing potentially explosive materials. Like all Labcold freezers, the user will have a digital display, lockable door and door open alarm as standard. All this is back by a comprehensive 2 year warranty. If you have any questions about which spark-free Labcold freezer is best for you, please contact our team.

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