NUVE BS 30 Stirred Refrigerated Water Bath

NUVE BS 30 Stirred Refrigerated Water Bath

With its PID microprocessor system and pump, temperature precision is optimized, as well as assisting in fast temperature changes.

Main features:

  • 17 liters useful volume
  • Temperature range 0°C / 80°C
  • Powerful and reliable N-Smart™ microprocessor control system
  • Maximum information with highly visible 4,3’’ colourful LCD display
  • 20 program memories with 20 steps
BS 30 Refrigerated Water Bath is powered by N-Smart™ control system. By means of the internal memory of N-Smart™, temperatures records with one hour intervals can be stored up to ten years as digitally and graphically. Optional NuveCom™ communication unit allows to BS 30 to use the advantages of optional AlerText™ GSM alarm module. Sending e-mail up to five e-mail addresses in case of any failure is offered as standard with NuveCom™. USB port on NuveCom™ allows to store the datas on memory stick with different time intervals.

Full traceability and remote access is available with optional NüveCloser™ system providing a guarantee that the samples have been subjected to the selected protocol.

An optional external circulation pump converts these water baths into thermostating systems, heating or cooling, for other equipment.

A variety of accessories optimize the capacity of different volumes of sample container such as Erlenmeyer flasks.

Tank Volume 30 liters
Useful Volume 17 liters
Useful Water Height 170 mm
Circulation Pump Capacity (lt/min) 16 lt/ Min
Temperature Range 0 ,0° C / 80 ° C
Temperature Sensor Pt-100
Control System Programmable Microprocessor N-Smart™ Control System
Display 4,3″ Colourful TFT LCD Display
Temperature Set and Display Sensitivity 0.1°C
Temperature Variation @ 37°C ± 0.1°C*
Temperature Fluctuation @ 37°C ± 0.1°C*
Programmable Alarm Limits 1°C / 10°C Audible and Visual
Number of Program Memory 20
Programmable Number of Steps 20
Number of Program Repetition 1-99
Timer 1 min – 100 Hours  + Hold Position
Delayed Start Timer 1 min – 100 Hours
Memory Audible and visual
Isolation High density injected polyurethane
Inner Surface Structure Stainless steel
External Surface Structure Electrostatic powder coated stainless steel sheet
Power Supply 2000 W
Power Consumption 230 V – 50 Hz
Internal Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 300x505x195
External Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 340x630x500
Package Dimensions (WxDxH) mm 430x690x680
Net / Package Weight (kg) 37 / 43

*At 22 ° C ambient temperature when the lid is closed