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First established in 1963, Vestfrost Solutions is a Danish manufacturer of laboratory freezers based in Esbjerg. Vestfrost Solutions manufacture products squarely aimed at users in hospitals, universities and pharmacies. Their range of freezers satisfy the needs of most users in the biomedical sector.

Vestfrost freezers offer accurate and reliable storage of samples and all their products comply with the latest European environmental and quality standards. Choose from a -25ºC, -45°C or -60ºC low temperature freezer depending on your requirements. If you are unsure about which freezer is right for you, please contact our team.

Henderson Biomedical is proud to be the official distributor of Vestfrost Solutions freezers in the UK. Our engineers are factory trained on the technical aspects of their products and our sales team have expert knowledge of the Vestfrost range.

Low Temperature Freezers (-45ºC)





VTS 254

Low temperature laboratory chest freezer

Available in both vertical and horizontal types, the range of -45ºC low temperature freezers by Vestfrost Solutions are designed specifically with the demands of the laboratory user in mind. Easy to clean, precise temperature control and an excellent value for money are just some of the reasons why users should choose a Vestfrost Solutions freezer.

Some of the models in this range can be fitted with a lockable door, USB data collection port or castors. Contact us for more details on the optional extras available to you.

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Low Temperature Freezers (-60ºC)






 Low temperature lab chest freezer by Vestfrost

The -60°C range of low temperature freezers by Vestfrost Solutions are designed for the long term, reliable storage of ingredients, chemicals or biological samples under controlled conditions. Available in both horizontal and chest types, these freezers make the perfect addition to any laboratory environment. Like all Vestfrost Solutions freezers, they can be customised with various different additional features. Please contact our team for more information.

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