Vestfrost Refrigerators

Vestfrost pharmacy refrigerators AKG 157/ 317 / 377 / 427

Pharmacy and laboratory refrigerator

Vestfrost AKG line is developed for reliable storage of medicine in pharmacies, laboratories and hospitals. The pharmacy refrigerator is equipped with external digital temperature display and fully electronic temperature control that ensures a correct set temperature between +2°C to +8°C. Optional extractible drawers inside the cabinet, which are adjustable for height and removable, include partitions for rational storage of medicine.

Key features:

  • USB Data logging
  • Forced Air Distribution
  • Low Energy Consumption

Vestfrost ice-lined refrigerators MK 074 / 144 / 204 / 304 / VLS 200 Green line

Vestfrost icelined laboratory refrigerator

Ice-lined Refrigerators operate with temperatures from +2°C to +8°C for safe and proper storage of vaccines. The series of reliable units are made for extreme conditions and tested to perform in climates with ambient temperatures up to 43°C.

Key features:

  • Self-regulating cooling system
  • Various volumes available
  • Only 8 hrs. of electricity needed per 24 hrs. at 43°C AMB

Vestfrost solar refrigerators MKS 044 / VLS 054 /094 / 154

Eco friendly solar freezer

Based on the unique SolarChill ice ice-lining technology, the Solar Direct Driven Refrigerators functions safely without use of energy storing batteries or contaminating fuel. Solar panels supply the necessary power and the icebank provides a reliable temperature in the vaccine compartment – even when the sun is absent for days.

Key features:

  • Simple installation and easy to operate
  • Icebank provides reliable temperatures
  • Plug’n’Play solution for solar panels