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Vestfrost Biomedical Solutions are reliable and user-friendly refrigerators and freezers specially designed for hospitals, health clinics, universities, laboratories and pharmacies. The Vestfrost range serves the global needs and requirements of the entire health sector – from the small health clinic in a village with no electricity to the high-tech hospital in the city centre. Vestfrost cover temperatures from +20°C to –86°C via energy efficient solutions with low running costs.

Pharmacy Refrigerators

AKG 427E

AKG 317

AKG 377

AKG 157

Pharmacy and laboratory refrigerator

Pharmacy Refrigerators operate with stable temperatures from +2°C to +8°C and are developed for reliable storage of medicine in pharmacies, laboratories and hospitals. Among many other features, the models are made with space-saving design and LED lighting for clear viewing of contents.

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Icelined Refrigerators

MKF 074

MK 144

MK 204

MK 304

VLS 200 Green Line

Vestfrost icelined laboratory refrigerator

Icelined Refrigerators operate with temperatures from +2°C to +8°C for safe and proper storage of vaccines. The series of reliable units are made for extreme conditions and tested to perform in climates with ambient temperatures up to 43°C.

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Solar Refrigerators

MKS 044

VLS 054

VLS 094

VLS 154

Environmentally friendly solar refrigerator

Based on the unique SolarChill ice icelining technology, the Solar Direct Driven Refrigerators functions safely without use of energy storing batteries or contaminating fuel. Solar panels supply the necessary power and the icebank provides a reliable temperature in the vaccine compartment – even when the sun is absent for days.

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