See-through pouches, reels and bags

See-through pouches and reels

See_through packaging paper and film

VP have a wide range of paper/film pouches for use in Clinical Sterile Service Departments (CSSDs) and general clean rooms. Sizes are available from 5.5cm wide to 42cm wide. Lengths can vary from 15cm to 61cm. Unlike any other manufacturer of sterile pouches, VP Stericlin uses 70 g/m² heavy duty paper. That’s 10 g/m² more than the nearest competing paper/film pouch meaning your VP Stericlin pouch is much less likely to tear during the sterilisation process. The thicker paper also provides extra protection against microbes without compromising the penetration of sterilisation steam or gases whilst in the autoclave. There are three indicators on every paper/film pouch or reel depending on the type of sterilisation: STEAM, EO, and FORM. The pouches and reels are available in both flat and gusseted types and all are fully compatible with VP Stericlin’s sterilisation proof fibre tip pens.

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See-through pouches and reels with non-woven and film

See_through packaging non-woven and film

This range of pouches and reels are made using a non-woven fleece bonded material instead of standard heavy duty paper. They are designed for use with heavier, bulky items like bowls and bed pans and come in a range of sizes from 27 x 36cm to 57 x 72cm. Again like the standard paper/film pouches, there are three indicators depending on the type of sterilisation process. They are marked STEAM, EO and FORM.

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See-through packaging Tyvek® and film


The VP Stericlin Tyvek®/film pouch is the only pouch which uses the strongest medical grade of Tyvek® available. This is Tyvek® Type 1073 B at 75 g/m² and it is a non-woven polyethylene fabric made by the world’s leading chemical company, DuPont.  The superior characteristics of this material means that these pouches combine excellent sterilisation properties with outstanding strength.

Tyvek® is not suitable for steam sterilisation, but well suited for VH2O2 (plasma) sterilisation and irradiation. Tyvek® is also the first choice for users who wish to sterilise their instruments by gas as the material doesn’t absorb any toxic gases during sterilisation and therefore residual toxic gas levels are much lower than the limit set out by law.

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Safety Bags

Safety Bags by Stericlin

Available in three different sizes, the safety bags by VP Stericlin are the ideal solution for protecting pre-sterilised instruments from re-contamination. Simply place the sterilised device into the bag and seal it using the self-seal flap. The inside of the bag is bacteria free and exceeds the recommendations outlines by the German Society for Sterile Supply (Deutschen Gesellschaft für Sterilgutversorgung-DGSV).  Once sealed, the item is protected from any germs, bacteria or dust.

The user of the device can then only open the bag by tearing the top off. This makes it impossible to open and re-seal the bag without other people knowing it has been tampered with. Key information such as disinfection type, date of packaging and signature can be recorded in a writable section of the bag.

The three different sizes available are: 197 x 300 mm, 247 x 390 mm and 297 x 500 mm.

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