VP Stericlin Sterile Wrapping Material


Wrapping materials crepe, non-woven and SMS

VP Stericlin manufacture a wide range of different wrapping used for the protection of larger surgical instruments against microbes. Users can choose between different sizes, colours and types of material (crepe, crepe sensitive, non woven and SMS). Wrapping is also available in different weights up to 60g.

All VP Stericlin wrapping are proven to be excellent Sterile Barrier Systems (SBS) and their prices are extremely competitive.


Crepe wrapping material

Although the crepe wrapping paper by VP Stericlin is most economical, the integrity of the SBS is not compromised in the slightest. Crepe wrapping is manufactured solely using medical grade cellulose fibres. This type of wrapping is ideal for the packaging of lighter instruments and can also be used as an inner liner.

VP Stericlin also manufacture crepe sensitive wrapping paper which is softer to touch. This minimises friction on the fingertips when wrapping.

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Non-woven wrapping material

Non woven sterilisation wrapping paper

Suitable for most sterile service applications, VP Stericlin’s non-woven wrapping material is available in 52g and 59g weight. The material offers even better sterile properties than crepe wrapping paper and can easily be draped.

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SMS wrapping material

SMS sterilisation wrapping paper

Available in different colours and weights, the SMS is the latest generation of wrapping material. A mixture of spunblown and meltblown fibres designed to give you the maximum level of protection. Users can choose to have wrapping with extra spunblown or meltbown fibres (SMMS and SSMMS). This wrapping material is extremely tear resistant making them perfect for heavier items. Two layers of SMS should not be combined together and instead one internal layer of crepe wrapping should be introduced to avoid ‘wet packs’.

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Interleaved wrapping material

Wrapping materials crepe, non-woven and SMSVP Stericlin also supply a combination of two different types of wrapping prepacked together. This reduces wrapping time significantly. The combinations available are as follows:

  • Non-woven 52g blue combined with non-woven green 52g
  • SSMMS 43g combined with non-woven green 57g
  • SMMS 60g combined with non-woven green 67g
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Non woven polypropylene double wrap

Two ply sterilisation wrapping paper

In addition to interleaved wrapping material, VP Stericlin also offer double wraps. Double wraps are similar to interleaved wrapping in that they are a combination of two types of wrapping material. However, the difference with double wraps is that the edges are welded together meaning they don’t come apart when wrapping.

There are various different combinations of weight, colour and material available. Please contact us for more information.

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