Heat sealer peel test

Ensure your sealed pouches are compliant with BS EN 868-5 by taking up Henderson Biomedical’s 24 hour heat sealer peel test. It’s the fastest, most convenient and comprehensive way to ensure you comply.

Zero downtime of your heat sealer

The process couldn’t be simpler. Just send us 10 pouches that you have sealed using your heat sealer, put them in an envelope and post them to our workshop laboratory in London. Our team of highly qualified and experienced service engineers will then test each pouch to destruction using special calibrated equipment and record the results. If your pouches pass the destruction test, you will be issued with a traceable certificate proving your sealed pouches are compliant with BS EN 868-5.

As well as compliance with BS EN 868-5, a seal strength test is ideal for a periodic review of how well your heat sealer is performing. The 24 hour heat sealer peel test is the most convenient and cost effective way of checking your heat sealer is sealing correctly.