Spotlight On: Eupry temperature monitoring

Spotlight On: Eupry temperature monitoring

An overview of Eupry

Eupry is a Danish company specialising in WiFi temperature monitoring. Their system comprises of a wireless data logger, an easy-to-use online portal and an android/iOS app. Founded in 2014, it has already become the market leader in Denmark for pharmacies and hospital laboratories.

Why are they called ‘Eupry’?

Eupry is short for Euprymna Scolopes. This is an octopus with decentralised brains located in each tentacle. Eupry devices work in a similar way and each data logger can work independently and react according to the situation, whilst at the same time being controlled by a central cloud-based system.

A simple approach to temperature monitoring

Eupry’s business concept differs to what is already found in the marketplace. Their system completely eliminates the need for daily or weekly data checks. This is often done manually by periodically taking a temperature reading and writing the figure down or by downloading data from a USB logger. The Eupry system offers peace-of-mind to the user, safe in the knowledge that all data is continually being stored securely offsite, ready to be accessed at any time.

Instant alerts

If anything does go wrong, for example if there is a power cut or the door is accidentally left open, the user will be notified immediately by SMS and/or email. Users can set the upper and lower temperature thresholds via the online portal. For example, they may want to ensure the user is alerted if the temperature goes above 8°C or if it drops to below freezing point (0°C). In this instance the upper limit would be set at 7.9°C and the lower limit would be 0.1°C. Users can also impose ‘grey’ zones, which warns the user if temperatures are getting near the threshold. This gives the user time to act if the internal temperature begins to rise or fall to dangerous levels.

No up-front investment

Eupry’s temperature monitoring works via a subscription service with absolutely no other hidden costs. Everything is included in once simple price and all equipment such as data loggers, routers etc are provided free-of-charge. Essentially, you are leasing the equipment, which means that should anything go wrong with the devices, they will be replaced for free.

Furthermore, since the system is so easy to install, there is no need for the additional cost of a service engineer to attend site for an installation.

Calibration and compliance

All Eupry data loggers are provided with a factory calibration certificate at the time of purchase. After a year of usage, the WiFi data logger is then swapped for a new one. This saves money as an engineer is not needed to attend site and carry out an on-site calibration.

Users can satisfy the needs of an external auditor by producing reports of the data they collect. Data can be exported into a graph in PDF format or the user can export the raw data into Excel.

Henderson Biomedical and Eupry

Henderson Biomedical is the authorised UK distributor of Eupry WiFi temperature monitoring. We are happy to attend your site to give you a demonstration of the system and for you to trial it, for free, for 30 days. For more information, please contact our sales team on 020 8663 4610 or email us at info@henderson-biomedical.co.uk.

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