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Hawo 680 heat sealer review

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It has been some time since we last reviewed a heat sealer. Way back in January 2020, we reviewed the Hawo’s flagship NanoPak heat sealer, which is packed with features and functionality. This device represents the very best of heat-sealing technology and has proved to be very popular in the UK market. But what if you simply don’t need all that extra functionality? What other options are available to you? In this month’s blog, we take a closer look at the Hawo 680 heat sealer and assess whether it might be suitable for some users who don’t need all the extra functionality.

Hawo 680 heat sealer overview

The Hawo 680 (pronounced six-eighty) is a simple, no-frills rotary heat sealer designed for heavy usage. It is perfect for those users who just want to seal pouches and nothing else.

The Hawo 680 heat sealer is capable of sealing both paper/film pouches and reels in accordance with BS EN 868-4 and BS EN 868-5, as well as aluminium-laminate film and Tyvek® (HDPE) pouches. Furthermore, this heat sealer can seal both flat and gusseted pouches. This means it is suitable for sealing small and larger, bulkier items.

Hawo 680 heat sealer features and functionality

Unlike the Hawo NanoPak, the 680 heat sealer does not have an internal printer and cannot be attached to an external printer. It also has no RS232/ethernet connection and users cannot download data via USB, unlike the NanoPak. Furthermore, you cannot connect your 680 to a barcode scanner and it is not compatible with Hawo’s wonderful ProDoc documentation software. So, at first glance, you may think that this heat sealer is somewhat inferior given its lack of connectivity and traceability options.

In addition to this, unlike the Hawo NanoPak heat sealer, which has a full colour touch screen, the 680 makes do with a simple LED temperature display. However, there is a positive side to all this. The simple display and lack of connectivity means that the 680 can be sold for a much lower price. In fact, the 680 is around £1,500 less expensive than the flagship Hawo NanoPak.  Furthermore, some users do not require all the extra connectivity options and so the 680 is ideal for people who just want to simply seal pouches and do nothing more.

Despite the seemingly glaring limitations of the 680, when compared to the NanoPak, this heat sealer is still fully compliant with the Medical Device Regulation (MDR 2017/745), providing you purchase the DE-V or DEI-V version.

Hawo 680 heat sealer conclusion

The Hawo 680 heat sealer is a no-nonsense, robust heat sealer. It will seal your pouches, but doesn’t promise to do anything else. For some users, this is just fine. However, other users will require more functionality in order to comply with stringent traceability requirements.  It is best to clearly define your own requirements. Perhaps check with your quality auditor to see if this instrument is suitable for your needs.


  • Keenly priced when compared with other Hawo heat sealers.
  • Robust and sturdy construction makes it ideally suited for heavy use.
  • Excellent reliability, as one would expect from a Hawo product.


  • Only a 1-year warranty offered by the manufacturer.
  • Lack of traceability in the form of an internal printer.
  • Some users will need more functionality from their heat sealer.

Overall score: 9/10

How Henderson Biomedical can help

Henderson Biomedical is the UK distributor of Hawo heat sealer products in the UK. Our team are able to offer you expert advice on which Hawo heat sealer would best match your needs and requirements. Furthermore, our engineers are factory trained by Hawo, meaning we are also uniquely positioned to give you superb after sales service for years to come. Please contact our friendly team on 020 8663 4610 for more information on the 680 and other Hawo products. Alternatively, you can complete our online form and a member of the teams will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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