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OMEGA temperature and humidity data loggers vs Eupry

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A review of the OMEGA temperature and humidity data loggers when compared to Eupry.

Some time ago, we compared the Eupry’s temperature monitoring data loggers to the very popular Tutela Genesis 3 system. However, some users need to not only monitor the temperature, but also the relative humidity as well. So, what options are there for users who have this specific requirement? Let’s take a closer look…

Overview of the OMEGA temperature and humidity data logger

The OMEGA temperature and humidity data loggers connect via WiFi and users access the data via free software downloaded onto a PC. The loggers have an integrated LCD display meaning you can see the temperature and humidity instantly. Users are able to configure high/low alarms and the logger will alert you by way of an audible alarm on the logger.

Using the OMEGA temperature and humidity data loggers

As already mentioned, the OMEGA temperature and humidity data loggers work by downloading the free software via their website. However, there is a problem with this. The software will be wholly dependent on a certain operating system such as Windows 10. Operating systems do change over time and users may soon find that the software for their OMEGA data loggers do not work when they upgrade their computers.

In the case of Eupry, the data is accessed via a secure login area of their website. Therefore, all you need is an internet connection and users can access the data securely via the cloud.  There is no cumbersome software downloads to deal with at all.

Receiving alerts

The OMEGA data loggers have an audible alarm if the temperature or humidity falls outside the user’s pre-defined threshold limit. It does not alert users by email, text message or phone. This is of course not very useful if there is an out-of-hours failure. The user would not know about an alarm until they return to work. Similarly, if the loggers are locked in a room or a cabinet, the alarm may not be heard, especially in noisy locations such as busy labs or packing areas.

The Eupry system can alert you by email, text message and phone call when values exceed the pre-define limits. This is much more useful and minimises the chance of alarms being missed.

Calibration procedure

In order for you to calibrate your OMEGA temperature and humidity loggers, users will need to send them away to the OMEGA Calibration Centre in Manchester. This of course means a certain amount of downtime whilst your loggers are away for calibration. The other option is to purchase additional loggers so that you have a fleet of spare loggers to use whilst your existing loggers are away for calibration. This adds cost to the overall system which is probably not too much of an issue for one or two loggers, but can be a significant cost if there are dozens of loggers that need calibrating.

Eupry’s approach to calibration is totally different. Instead of sending loggers away for calibration, users are simply sent a new logger every year. An advantage of this is that there is absolutely no downtime of your system. Furthermore, the new, freshly calibrated loggers will always be the latest version. So if Eupry change the design of the logger or upgrade it, you will automatically be entitled to the latest version. This avoids the possibility of being lumbered with old technology loggers years down the line.


The OMEGA temperature and humidity wireless data logger is currently priced at £103 plus VAT and delivery charges. This means that it is slightly less expensive than the entry level Eupry model which start at £177 plus VAT and delivery charges. Discounts are available for larger quantities of 20 loggers or more, something OMEGA do not currently offer. However, OMEGA do offer free delivery on orders over £200, excluding VAT.


Whilst the OMEGA temperature and humidity data loggers are useful for some applications, many users will become frustrated with its shortcomings. Calibration is cumbersome with the OMEGA data loggers and the fact that the OMEGA system does not alert you by email, text or phone call is not very helpful.

The Eupry system is far easier to use and has a higher level of compliance. For more information on this system, please contact our team on 020 8663 4610 or email us at

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