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When purchasing a centrifuge outright is not an option

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Alex Henderson

Aston Business School graduate who has been the Managing Director of Henderson Biomedical since January 2015. Passionate about helping laboratories keep their vital equipment operational and compliant. Architecture enthusiast, fitness fanatic and dog lover!

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Purchasing a centrifuge outright can sometimes not be a viable option.  Today, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are under intense pressure to make cost savings. In some cases, they must divert funds from the capital equipment budget to make ends meet. Furthermore, a centrifuge is not always required long-term. So what can you do?

Renting a centrifuge

When either (or both) of these occasions arise, rental can provide the answer. Henderson Biomedical not only sells laboratory centrifuges, but we also have a selection available for rent. Working with the UK’s leading centrifuge manufacturer, MSE, we are able to offer a wide range of different centrifuges for rent. From refrigerated to non-refrigerated, bench-top to floor-standing, there is surely something available to suit your needs.

Renting a centrifuge is ideal for short term research projects.  You simply pay for however long you need it for. It could also be that your existing instrument has broken down. You might be unsure of whether you can get the necessary spare part from the manufacturer. In this case, rental is the ideal stop-gap solution until you get your existing centrifuge up and running again.

It can often be very difficult to get authorisation for capital equipment expenditure, particularly when the value is over £5,000. Sometimes, rental can provide the solution. Renting a centrifuge can cost as little as £40 per month. Therefore, it can be the perfect short term solution to bringing in new equipment, at least until more budget is available at a later date.

A major advantage of renting a centrifuge is that you do not have to worry if anything goes wrong. A rented centrifuge is fully covered if it breaks down. In this instance, an instrument will be repaired or simply swapped out with another rental unit. Furthermore, rental of a centrifuge also includes an annual service. This gives you greater assurance that your instrument is in peak condition and operating as it should be. This combined with the fact that there are no usage limits for a rental centrifuge makes this option a very attractive alternative to purchasing outright.

Finally, the great thing about rental is that you can always change your mind. For example, if you decide to you want to keep the centrifuge (perhaps after some months when you have the budget), you can simply just call us and we can arrange a preferential purchase price. It’s almost like a ‘try-before-your-buy’, with zero risk.

Fully flexible finance packages

Some people may want a centrifuge more long term for several years, but still do not have the budget. In this case, finance options might be considered. Henderson Biomedical can offer finance options to suit all pockets. With our fully flexible finance packages, you can spread the cost of a centrifuge over a period of one to ten years. You can even choose to make repayments on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Keeping up-to-date with technological advancements requires significant capital expenditure. In some cases, this is capital expenditure that the user just doesn’t have. A good example of this can be seen with NHS Trusts. Back in June 2015, the government announced that public heath budgets will be slashed by a further £200m in order to bring down public debt.  This is where financing comes into play.

Many NHS Trusts have already taken advantage of our attractive finance packages to improve cash flow and reduce spikes in capital expenditure. However, there are some Trusts that continue to prefer to use out dated equipment, instead of using a finance package to upgrade their ageing centrifuge. Unfortunately, these Trusts fail to realise the long term costs of using out-dated equipment. This can often outweigh the short term expense of its replacement or upgrade. Modern equipment enables the user to generate results much more quickly and with greater accuracy. This ultimately contributes to improved patient throughput.

The key thing to remember is that Henderson Biomedical is here to help you get the right centrifuge, at the right price for you. If you have a limited budget, or only need a particular centrifuge for a short term project or clinical trial, give us a call on 020 8663 4610 and we can discuss the options available to you.

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