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Spotlight On: Haier Biomedical

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Alex Henderson

Aston Business School graduate who has been the Managing Director of Henderson Biomedical since January 2015. Passionate about helping laboratories keep their vital equipment operational and compliant. Architecture enthusiast, fitness fanatic and dog lover!

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For this month’s “Spotlight On” feature, we take a closer look at one of Henderson Biomedical’s newest partners: Haier Biomedical.

An overview of the company

Haier Biomedical is part of the Haier group, first established in 1984 as a refrigerator manufacturer. The company grew rapidly and expanded into other household appliances such as microwaves and washing machines as well as air conditioning units. Today, the Haier Group has a turnover of over £20bn and employs some 78,000 people worldwide.

The birth of Haier Biomedical

In 1998, the Haier Group made the decision to enter the Biomedical market. Headquartered in Qingdao, China, Haier Biomedical design, manufacture and market a range of laboratory equipment for the global market. Products available for the UK market include -86°C Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) freezers, -40°C deep freezers, pharmacy refrigerators, blood bank refrigerators and combined fridge-freezers for use in laboratories.

Milestones and awards

Haier Biomedical has achieved great success in a relatively short space of time. In 2006, Haier Biomedical became the first Chinese based company to be awarded ISO 13485 certification. By 2010, the company successfully won a bid to supply 20,930 vaccine refrigerators to the United Nations. Near the end of 2014, Haier Biomedical had opened a new, state of the art manufacturing facility for the production of medical cold chain products. It was at this facility that Haier developed the world’s most energy efficient ULT freezer. The company is set to reach more milestones in the future and become the world’s foremost manufacturer of biomedical products.

Quality first

A common misconception is that all Chinese products are poorly made and are simply not designed for long-term use. In some instances, this is true and it is very much a case of “buyer beware” when it comes to purchasing imported Chinese products for the laboratory. There is a lot of Chinese laboratory equipment out there which doesn’t comply to European safety, environmental and quality standards. This is summarised perfectly in a previous blog written back in November 2015.

However, these quality fears simply do not present themselves with Haier Biomedical products. The company is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485 and all the products in their range are manufactured to the highest standards. The products really do rival the best in Europe in terms of quality and durability. Furthermore, all Haier Biomedical products are covered by a comprehensive 5 year warranty, giving you peace of mind when making a purchase.

Biomedical freezers

Haier Biomedical produce a wide range of laboratory freezers in a variety of different sizes. Users can choose between -86°C or -40°C models. Both types are available in different configurations depending on the need: standard size upright, slim line upright and chest. The -40°C deep freezer is also available in an upright double door version. Some models are fitted with Haier’s Patronus colour touch screen. There are also energy saving models in the range for users who are concerned about running costs.

Laboratory refrigerators

Like with the freezers, the Haier Biomedical range of refrigerators is comprehensive. There are under-counter versions, as well as standard size upright models. The refrigerators are available with either glass or solid doors. From small 68 litre models up to a large 1378 litre model, there is bound to be something which meets your needs.

When two Biomedical’s meet

Haier Biomedical have chosen Henderson Biomedical to be a UK distributor of their products. We are able to offer sound sales advice on which product would best meet your needs. We can also provide you with after sales service on Haier Biomedical products, such as servicing and calibrating your equipment annually.

Haier Biomedical products are competitively priced and their UK based operation means instruments can be delivered much more quickly to the customer.

For more information on any of Haier Biomedical’s products, call a member of our friendly sales team on 020 8663 4610 or alternatively email us at


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