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Spotlight On: Hawo

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Alex Henderson

Aston Business School graduate who has been the Managing Director of Henderson Biomedical since January 2015. Passionate about helping laboratories keep their vital equipment operational and compliant. Architecture enthusiast, fitness fanatic and dog lover!

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We continue our ‘Spotlight On’ feature by taking a closer look at another manufacturer Henderson Biomedical works closely with. This month we shine the spotlight on the German heat sealer manufacturer, Hawo. 

An overview of Hawo

Hans Wolf founded the company in 1975, taking the first two letters of his first name and surname to create ‘Hawo’. The company is based in Obrigheim and has become a world leader in sealing devices since its inception over forty years ago. The company is known all over the world for their superior quality products. They are also known for continually innovating, being very much the leader in their market sector. Where Hawo leads, others follow. They have won numerous awards for innovation over the years including the prestigious Red Dot Design Award.

Hawo is a family owned company with Hans Wolf as Chairman and his son, Christian as CEO. Hans Wolf’s wife Helga also works within the company finance department. Aside from the family members, Hawo employ nearly 100 people at their site in Obrigheim and have a network of carefully selected distributors around the world promoting their products. They are particularly strong in Asia, European and South American markets.

Current range

Hawo’s current range can be split into six key areas. These are as follows:

  • hawomed: sealing devices for use in the medical industry
  • hawodent: sealing devices for use in the dental industry and within doctors surgeries
  • hawopack: sealing machines used in the textile industry including dry cleaners and laundries
  • hawotest: testing systems for documenting and monitoring heat sealing processes
  • hawoplast: Plastic film welding machines for use in industrial packaging environments
  • hawovac: sealing devices with additional vacuum feature

Users can choose from either an impulse or rotary type heat sealer depending on the requirement. The company also produces a wide range of accessories from workstations to scanners as well as labelling and validating systems. Regardless of your need, be it clinical or industrial, Hawo will have you covered.

Cutting edge technology and innovation

Hawo has always been known for pushing the boundaries. For example, their innovative VeriDoc documenting system produces labels without the need of peripheral computer equipment. The device is simple to use and ensures traceability of sealed pouches.

Furthermore, the Hawo InkTest PRO was designed to replace the often messy ink bottle and pipette method of testing seals. The InkTest PRO is a self-contained ink sachet which can be put into the pouch and burst without any liquid dripping or transferring to other objects. It can also test all four sides of the pouch easily and cleanly.

The FontMatic technology is designed to ensure that information is clearly displayed on the paper side of the pouch. This is particularly important for traceability purposes. It is important that the text does not print over the edges. FontMatic automatically adjusts the width and height of the font depending on the size of the pouch. The technology is very clever and extremely useful for the user.

Social accountability

Hawo pride themselves on being a socially responsible company. They donate every year to the Angkor Hospital for Children in Siem Reap Cambodia as well as to other charitable causes in Peru and the Ukraine.

Hawo also work closely with young people in their local area providing training in mechatronics. They provide five places every year and this provides young people with the relevant work experience they need in order to forge successful careers.

How we can help

Henderson Biomedical is the exclusive UK distributor for Hawo. We have several of their most popular sealing devices in stock in our London warehouse, meaning we can deliver to you quickly. We also have hundreds of spare parts in stock which allows us to provide you with first class maintenance and minimal downtime of your Hawo sealer.

If you already have a Hawo heat sealer and you would like us to care for your device, contact our team on 020 8663 4610. Alternatively, if you would like a quotation for a Hawo heat sealer, please email your enquiry to

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