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The benefits of Eupry temperature monitoring

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Aston Business School graduate who has been the Managing Director of Henderson Biomedical since January 2015. Passionate about helping laboratories keep their vital equipment operational and compliant. Architecture enthusiast, fitness fanatic and dog lover!

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There is a myriad of temperature monitoring solutions out there for your lab. It can be confusing to choose which one is right for you. Henderson Biomedical is the UK distributor of Eupry. Eupry is an easy-to-use, wireless temperature monitoring solution. In this month’s blog, we take a look at some of the benefits of using their system:


Eupry works in a different way to other temperature monitoring systems. At the end of each year, you replace the old loggers with new ones. This means that you always have the latest technology in your laboratory. Furthermore, the logger’s calibration is never more than 12 months old. Equipment breakdowns are very unlikely since the logger is never more than 1 year old.

Eupry are able to offer both standard and ISO 17025 calibration for their loggers. DANAK, the Danish equivalent to UKAS here in the UK carries out the ISO 17025 accreditation. Both organisations recognise each other and a DANAK calibration is valid for use in the UK market.

Ease of implementation

Unlike some other temperature monitoring systems, Eupry sends data via WiFi to the cloud. By logging into the Eupry website, you can access your data and reports. This also means that data can be accessed anywhere in the world and there are no fiddly pieces of software to install onto PCs. Eupry’s temperature monitoring system is completely installation free and since it is online, software updates are automatic and do not need to be carried out by the user.

Cost control

There are absolutely no hidden costs with the Eupry temperature monitoring system. Users pay an annual subscription and this includes everything: hardware, online access, calibration, warranty, alarms, reporting etc. In addition to this, there is no expensive annual service visits by an engineer to carry out an on-site calibration. As already mentioned, you simply swap out the loggers every 12 months.

By choosing Eupry, you know exactly how much you are going to pay each year thanks to their subscription-based business model. You also know that, after a year, you will get the latest logger when logger technology changes.

Furthermore, in conjunction with Henderson Biomedical’s finance partners, Westwon, we are able to offer a range of flexible payment options. This means you can spread the cost of a period of time which is suitable for your needs. Improved cash-flow allows you to use valuable funds elsewhere in the organisation.

No troublesome data handling

One of the main drawbacks of USB data loggers or manual paper registrations, is the time it takes to process the data. With USB data loggers, the device has to be taken out of the refrigerator, downloaded onto a PC. Furthermore, depending on the type of USB logger, the data may then have to be presented in a meaningful way by creating a graph in Excel. All this takes time out of a person’s day.

In the case of manual paper registrations, the user may have to physically walk around the lab, making a paper record of the temperature. Again, this is time consuming and isn’t an effective use of a person’s time. Clinical staff should be focusing on clinical duties, not administrative ones.

Eupry’s temperature monitoring solution eliminates all these drawbacks. Your data is sent to the cloud via WiFi. Reports are created automatically, so there is no troublesome data handling.

Full up-time

By using the Eupry temperature monitoring system, you are monitoring your data 24 hours, 7 days a week. You will receive immediate alerts if the temperature of your refrigerator, freezer, environmental cabinet etc exceeds your predefined limits. It also means that, unlike with manual paper registrations, if a member of staff is sick or on holiday, the data is still collected.

Unlike other temperature monitoring systems, devices do not need to be sent away for calibration. You simply swap the loggers with new ones every 12 months. This means that users do not have any downtime of their temperature monitoring. Furthermore, they don’t need to purchase additional loggers to cover the existing ones when they are sent away for calibration.

IT limitations

The USB drive of your work PC is often disabled for security reasons. This prohibits staff members from taking sensitive company documents off site. However, this also makes it difficult for users to find a computer that they can plug their USB logger into to download the data.

In addition to this, you may be reluctant to allow your staff to use USB drives for fear of viruses. This makes a USB logger an impractical option.

Another significant issue is that many temperature monitoring systems run on a certain version of Windows. This means that when Microsoft release a new version of Windows, the organisation is unable to upgrade. This exposes the user to online hackers.

We have already seen back in May 2017 how many NHS Trusts became easy targets of the WannaCry ransomware because they were using an old version of Windows.


Eupry’s temperature monitoring system is incredibly intuitive and easy-to-use. You do not require much training to view and download data, reports and calibration certificates.

Training can be an issue with other, more complicated temperature monitoring solutions. You will normally receive training when the system is initially installed. However, if you leave the organisation or move to a different department, that knowledge is then lost. Another person needs to be trained to replace you.

Training is very much a hidden cost. It takes time to carry out training. Time is of course money, so having to train another member of staff on how to use the temperature monitoring system can cost a significant amount of money for an organisation.

UK technical support

Although Eupry is a Danish company with its base in the very beautiful city of Copenhagen, technical support is available right here in the UK.

Henderson Biomedical is the UK distributor of Eupry. We can offer free telephone advice or send an engineer to your site, should there be an unlikely technical problem. Furthermore, we can offer you a free, 30 day, no obligation trial of the Eupry system. A representative would also be happy to visit your lab to carry out a presentation on the system. Training on how to use the online portal is also available.

For more information on this, please contact one of our team on 020 8663 4610 or via email at

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