UDI ready heat sealer: the Hawo hm 5000 DC-VI PrintPak

UDI ready heat sealer: the Hawo hm 5000 DC-VI PrintPak

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Hawo hm 5000 DC-VI UDI ready heat sealer

Are you looking for a UDI ready heat sealer to package your medical device? If so, the hm 5000 DC-VI PrinkPak could be the answer for you. It is perfect for users in the life sciences and pharmaceutical market who need to print UDI codes onto the clear plastic side of a heat sealed pouch. Let’s take a closer look at this excellent UDI compliant heat sealer.

What is a UDI?

Before we look at how the hm 5000 DC-VI helps you create UDI compliant packaging, it is important to better understand what UDI actually means.

UDI stands for Unique Device Identifier. It is a unique code which can be used to identify medical devices. Often, the UDI takes the form of a barcode which contains key information including (but not limited to):

  • Place of manufacture
  • Date of manufacturing
  • Serial number of the device
  • Expiration date

This barcode is printed on the packaging of the medical device. The Hawo hm 5000 DC-VI PrinkPak is a UDI ready heat sealer that instead of printing a barcode on the paper part of the pouch, it prints a unique QR code directly onto the clear plastic part of the pouch. This QR code is wipe resistant and does not come off or fade during the sterilisation process. Furthermore, when the hm 5000 heat sealer prints onto the plastic part of the pouch, the ink dries in less than 1 second, meaning you don’t have to wait any length of time for the ink to dry.

Wipe resistant ink combined with a sharp, print quality image

A UDI ready heat sealer that is flexible to your needs

The hm 5000 DC-VI PrintPak can print on a variety of different types of material including:

The hm 5000 DC-VI PrintPak can also seal a range of other materials. Hawo are able to provide free-of-charge tests on your sample packaging material to check if the hm 5000 DC-VI PrinkPak suitably seals.

Excellent traceability ensures compliance

The hm 5000 DC-VI PrintPak has an internal track and trace system which logs every interaction with the heat sealer. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Log in/log out time
  • Sealing temperature
  • Time the seal was made

All this data is stored inside the memory of the hm 5000 DC-VI. Users can export this data via ethernet or USB connection.

A UDI ready heat sealer which is also environmentally friendly

The hm 5000 DC-VI PrintPak features Hawo’s ‘GreenTek’ technology. This means that the device has a very low consumption of power (around 90W of electricity when in use) thanks to its super-efficient 24 Volt heating system. The stand-by function and automatic shutdown when not in use further minimises the overall power consumption. In addition to this, Hawo have reduced the number of component parts inside the heat sealer. Less parts means less of a carbon footprint.

It is also worth mentioning that, like with all Hawo heat sealers, they are delivered with plastic free packaging. Even the Sellotape on the box is paper based instead of plastic. Furthermore, the factory at Hawo runs on 90% solar power, meaning the process to make this UDI ready heat sealer is very environmentally friendly.

How Henderson Biomedical can help

Henderson Biomedical is the exclusive UK distributor of Hawo heat sealers. We are able to offer you expert advice on their heat selaers as well as first-class after sales technical support. For more information on the new hm 5000 or any of the Hawo heat sealers, please contact our friendly team on 020 8663 4610 or email us at sales@henderson-biomedical.co.uk. Alternatively, you can also use the contact us form on our website and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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