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Food and Drink customers: How can we help you?

Laboratory equipment maintenance,
repair, calibration and sales.

Whilst our core business is within a clinical environment such as hospitals, we also have a significant number of customers engaged in the food and drink sector. From manufacturers of beverages to companies making dairy products, we can service, repair and calibrate the general-purpose scientific equipment used in these industries.

We are able to provide technical support and calibration for centrifuges, refrigerators, freezers, ovens and incubators to name but a few. A full list of what we support can be found here. We are also able to offer wireless temperature and humidity monitoring thanks to our partnership with Eupry.

Eupry temperature monitoring

We are able to offer monitoring of temperature and humidity by supplying Eupry. Eupry is an easy-to-use, wireless system that uses calibrated loggers to automatically record data and send it to the cloud via the WiFi. In addition to this, Eupry will alert you by email, SMS text and phone if the temperature or humidity exceeds a pre-defined limit set by the user.

Eupry saves you time from having to manually check the temperature or humidity of your equipment.  It also gives you the assurance that readings are regularly being recorded, which might not happen if a particular member of staff is sick or on holiday. Furthermore, it gives you the peace of mind that if there is a problem with the temperature or humidity of your instrument, that you will know about it immediately.

The loggers can monitor the temperature and humidity of not just small areas, such as the internal chamber of a refrigerator/freezer or oven, but also large storage or production areas. The loggers can also be used in delivery vans and other logistics applications.

Prices for start at just 37 pence per day. The system practically pays for itself by freeing up staff time and ensuring you do not lose food stuffs due to excess heat or humidity.

Hoshizaki ice makers

We are an appointed UK distributor of Hoshizaki ice makers. Hoshizaki is one of the most reliable brands of ice makers available. These devices have a wide range of applications within the food and drink sector, but are most commonly used in restaurants, bars and fishmongers.

Hoshizaki ice makers can produce ice of different shapes and sizes depending on your needs. Our engineers are factory trained by Hoshizaki. This means we are in a great position to offer you first-class after sales service of your Hoshizaki equipment for years to come.

Vestfrost refrigerators and freezers

We have partnered with Vestfrost, who are already very strong in the food and drink sector. They manufacture a wide range of products such as wine coolers and chest freezers for storing food stuffs. They also manufacture Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) freezers which can be used to better preserve the texture and taste of fish.

Hundreds of satisfied customers

Since our inception back in 1987, we have worked with over 250 different organisations engaged in food and drink. From breweries to restaurants, we have supplied devices and services to a range of different customers.

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Laboratory equipment maintenance, repair, calibration and sales.

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