Vestfrost VT 75
The VT 75 is a compact biomedical chest freezer capable of achieving temperatures as low as -60°C. The VT 75 has a total capacity of 74 litres and uses Nature R refrigerant, meaning it is environmentally friendly too.
Vestfrost VT-74
The VT-74 is a compact biomedical chest freezer, which can be fitted with castors to allow mobility. It also has a battery backup for the controller which lasts up to 48 hours.
Vestfrost F-90
The F-90 is a tabletop freezer ideal for storing biological samples at sub-zero temperatures. It is whisper quiet when in operation and therefore will not disturb you whilst you are working. Its compact size and user friendly interface make this mode
Vestfrost VT 147
The VT 147 is a 140-litre chest freezer with a temperature range of between -45°C to -60°C. This model will provide you with excellent temperature stability and control. Everything you would expect from a Vestfrost freezer.
Vestfrost VT 146
Vestfrost’s VT 146 chest freezer has a maximum capacity of 140 litres and can be fitted with castors if required. This chest freezer is capable of reaching and stabilising to temperatures up to -45°C.
Vestfrost VT 207
Vestfrost’s VT 207 biomedical chest freezer has a maximum capacity of 198 litres. It comes equipped with a high/low temperature alarm and will also alert you if the temperature probe fails.
Vestfrost VT 206
The VT 206 low temperature chest freezer by Vestfrost will maintain temperatures up to -45°C. With maximum capacity of 198 litres, this freezer will meet the requirements of most users.
Vestfrost VT 307
The VT 307 has a capacity of 296 litres and uses a static refrigeration system as well as Nature R refrigerant gas. This freezer comes equipped with 3 separate baskets which can be loaded with contents up to 16kg.
Vestfrost VT 306
The VT 306 is a medium capacity -25°C to -45°C chest freezer. Like all Vestfrost freezers, this model uses environmentally friendly refrigerant gas and has exceptionally low running costs thanks to its low power consumption.
Vestfrost VT 406
Like all Vestfrost products, the VT 406 biomedical chest freezer is designed to be plug and play for ease-of-use. This model uses a single compressor and like many Vestfrost instruments, has very low running costs.
Vestfrost VT 407
The Vestfrost VT 407 is a biomedical chest freezer with a total capacity of 384 litres. This freezer can also be fitted with castors if the user requires manoeuvrability.
Vestfrost VT 546
The VT 546 has a maximum capacity of 495 litres and is Vestfrost’s largest capacity -45°C chest freezer. Much like the other Vestfrost -45°C chest freezers, this model comes with a lockable lid and can also be fitted with castors if required.
Vestfrost VT 547
The VT 547 is the largest Vestfrost -40°C to -60°C chest freezer and is ideal for biomedical and industrial applications. This freezer has a total capacity of 495 litres and comes equipped with three baskets.
Labcold RLVF0217
A compact under-counter/benchtop spark-free freezer from Labcold. Complete with 3 shelves, a door lock and high/low temperature alarm. Well suited for most clinical and educational applications and backed with a 2-year warranty.
Labcold RLVF0217 ATEX certified
An ATEX certified 66 litre spark-free freezer from Labcold. This model is the same as the RLVF0217 model, except it has been ATEX certified for added peace-of-mind for the user. Ideal for storing potentially volatile substances that can ignite.

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